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You're probably wondering what the differences are between the eight generations of the Apple Watch. What are the advantages of the latest models? What options and what size Apple Watch should I choose? Admittedly, it's easy to lose track and make the wrong choice. In this SB Supply blog, we'll help you make the best decision based on your needs and, of course, your budget.

Apple Watch Selection

To make it easier for you to choose your Apple Watch, we will limit the number of comparable models. We will only report on models that are still available in the Apple Stores at the time of writing this blog (29.03.2022). These are the series 3, SE and 7 models.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch 3 is an excellent watch. Despite its 2017 processor, it still manages to use the latest system (Watch OS 8). This watch is the perfect way to discover the potential of the Apple Watch. It will not have the latest features, but it will perfectly meet the expectations of a smartwatch (entry level). You can use Apple Pay, make phone calls, check your email and track your sports performance. Apple itself lists a price of at least 219 euros, but it is not unusual to get them for around 180 euros. For this price you get the small version (38 mm) and no internet connection ("cellular" option). If you decide to purchase an Apple Watch Series 3, we recommend that you buy a band that suits your grip and use. You need look no further, SB Supply already has a blog on Choosing the Right Bracelet for the Apple Watch.

Welke Apple Watch bandje is het beste?

Apple Watch SE

Apple has been getting us used to releasing SE series products for a few years now. SE products often serve as a gateway into the Apple ecosystem. This is because SE products feature the latest technology at an affordable price. In 2020, Apple released the Apple Watch SE with an initial price of $300 (40mm GPS). This watch has the same processor as the Series 5 and claims to be usable for many years. The Apple Watch SE currently offers the best value for money on the market. It has very useful options such as fall detection, altimeter, compass and a family configuration (useful for family members who do not have an iPhone). The Apple Watch SE is also compatible with 4G networks (for an additional $50). To get the most out of your future Apple Watch SE, we recommend the beautiful "Milan" Edition wristband collection.

Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 is intended for a very specific target audience. It is a very high quality watch equipped with the latest technology from Apple. The processor has been improved, the display has been enlarged (41 mm/45 mm), the Retina display of the watch is now always on and there are two new sensors: OCG and Blood Oxygen app. Since this watch is meant for the tech enthusiasts, we recommend you to check out all the technical specifications directly on the Apple website. So if you are looking for a Series 7 Apple Watch (or already have it), we have a selection of the watch is completed by a range of high quality bracelets that highlight the design of the watch.

Technical comparison of Apples Watches


Features Watch Series 7 Watch SE Watch Series 3
Screen size 41 / 45 mm 42 / 44 mm 38 / 42 mm
Blood Oxygen App + ECG Yes No No
Herzfrequenz-Sensor Generation 3 Generation 2 Generation 1
Water resistant 50 Meters 50 Meters 50 Meters
Emergency call Yes Yes Yes
International emergency call Yes Yes No
Fall detection Yes Yes no
Family configuration Yes Yes No
Battery life up to 18 hours up to 18 hours up to 18 hours
Fast charging Yes No No
Retina display always on Yes No No
Material and design Aluminum
Stainless steel
Aluminum Aluminum
Prosessor SiP S7 Dual-Core SiP S5 Dual-Core SiP S3 Dual-Core
Apple Store Minimum Price €429,- €299,- €219,-

Choosing the right size

The wristbands are divided into two categories: the small Apple Watch and the large Apple Watch. Apple tells us that the small model is suitable for wrists between 13 and 20 cm and the large model for wrists between 14 and 22 cm. The "small" wristbands are compatible with all Apple Watches, and the same goes for the large size. For example, if you buy an Apple Watch 3 "large" (42 mm), the wristband you have is still compatible with your Apple Watch 7 "large" (45 mm). So you can't go wrong when buying your wristbands. Check out our (official) Apple wristbands in small sizes (38/40/41mm) and in large sizes (42/44/45mm)

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