Which watchband is the right one for me? The complete guide!

Which Apple Watch strap fits best?

Already at the release of the first Apple Watch, Apple made one thing clear: The Apple Watch can be customized to any personality! Not only can the Apple Watch screen be customized, but the Apple Watch bands can also be varied and adapted to one's preferences. The problem, however, is that aside from some obvious tips, Apple hasn't made it easy for consumers to know which bands are right for them or how to choose from the many options available (colors, sizes, materials, overlays, etc.).

In this blog you will find the complete guide for apple watch straps, that are currently available at SB Supply! We will introduce you to the different models so you can make the perfect choice for the right Apple Watch strap.

Apple Watch wristbands can be a very confusing topic. Although Apple offers a wide range of wristbands for different Apple Watch models, not every Apple Watch wristband will fit you. There are a number of features to consider before choosing a particular wristband. In this guide, you will find the different features that you should consider when buying an Apple Watch bracelet. We've picked out the right wristbands for you that fit your lifestyle, your needs, and of course, your budget.

Why should I buy a (different) Apple Watch strap?

For decades, watch enthusiasts have known that the easiest way to get the feel of a new watch is to change the bracelet. This process has not always been easy, as changing the bracelet on most watches requires special tools. On some watches, the bracelet can be easily changed using various "quick release" systems. However, most of these systems use patented strap tips, which somewhat limits the choice of straps.

Apple Watches have a clear advantage here, as you can swap out the Apple Watch strap in a snap and give your Apple Watch a completely new look. Thanks to the large selection of Apple Watch straps, you are sure to find a suitable design - or several, of course!

What size should my Apple Watch strap be? 

When choosing the right Apple Watch bracelet, you should pay attention to 2 sizes: the size of your Apple Watch and the circumference of your wrist. Apple Watch bracelets are always made for Apple Watches with 38 / 40 / 41 mm or 42 / 44 / 45 mm. Once you know your Apple Watch size, you just need to measure your wrist.

Not sure what size your Apple Watch is? Then take a look at this page: Which apple watch do I have?

Depending on the bracelet there are different sizes, this depends mainly on the type of closure of the particular bracelet. For example, Modern Buckle bracelet has 3 sizes, while Sport bracelet has only 2 sizes - Small / Medium and Medium / Large and other bracelets are available only in one size.

Apple Watch Sport Band

Apple Sport Band

Inspired by Marc Newson's design for Ikepod, Apple has created one of the most beautiful and comfortable wristbands here. The band is made of a comfortable fluoroelastomer, a type of silicone. In our opinion, this sports wristband from Apple surpasses all other silicone wristbands currently available. 

The wristband has a unique locking mechanism that holds the Apple Watch comfortably and securely. These are exactly the factors that are especially important when you want to wear the smartwatch during sports traininge. Here you can find all silicone Apple Watch straps!

Advanatges of Apple Watch Sport Bands

The Apple Watch Sport Band is the most versatile of all Apple Watch bands, and probably the most comfortable. If you use the Apple Watch for sports, you should definitely use a Sport Band, as it is the only Apple Watch band that won't make you sweat. The Apple Watch Sport band is quite easy to clean, which is nice for light colors, as you can easily see dirt on them.

Apple Sport Loop 

Apple Sport Loop

Advantages of Apple Watch Classic Buckle

Those looking for a more traditional experience will likely prefer the classic buckle on the Apple Watch. Apple offers the classic buckle for 38mm or 42mm Apple Watches, with one size fitting all wrists. This is a positive proof of the versatility of these straps.

The buckle of the Apple Watch Classic is also very secure, thanks to the buckle system of the strap, even if you pull on it, it will not come loose. This is important to know, as some other Apple Watch straps with magnetic clasps can come loose if you pull on it hard enough. All in all, the classic Apple Watch buckle is a good default option if you're looking for something secure, simple, and tried and true. It also works with any version of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Leather Loop

Apple Leather Loop

The leather link bracelet is undoubtedly one of Apple's most innovative bracelets and is a way to adapt the traditional leather bracelet to modern times. We love the leather strap for the Apple Watch because of its style and the very cool magnetic attachment system that Apple has developed. Apple used a different leather for this strap than the calfskin for the classic clasp. Instead, Italian Venezia leather was used for the Apple Watch's link bracelet, which has a different feel and texture.

Inside the Apple Watch's leather strap are a series of magnets that allow for a buckle-less closure system. The strap folds back on itself
. It is advisable to choose the right length, otherwise the end of the Leather Loop bracelet may fall just above the screen of your Apple Watch.

View all Apple Watch leather bracelets here!

Advantages of the Apple Watch Leather Loop

The leather buckle has a more formal look that goes better with the steel Apple Watch or the gold Apple Watch Edition. The brightest colors of leather are also available here, making them more versatile and fashionable. Since the straps can loosen, I don't recommend the Apple Watch with magnetic clasp for sports activities.

Apple Leather Link 

Apple Leather Link

Apple Modern Buckle

What looks like a full buckle at first glance is actually a two-piece magnetic clasp that is very easy to attach. Apple has also increased the strength and elasticity of the wristband by adding a layer of Vectran fiber, a material used by NASA for airbags.


 Apple Modern Buckle Apple Watch medium Deep Sea Blue


Color: Check out all of our Modern Buckle colors on our Apple Modern Buckle page!

Case size: 38 mm / 40 mm / 41 mm

Wrist size: Small, Medium and Large

Apple Classic Buckle 

A classic and timeless model that makes no fashion mistakes. You feel like you're wearing a classic watch, but with a touch of artificial intelligence. 

Apple Classic Buckle Apple Watch Spring Yellow (4th Gen)

Color: Check out all of our Classic Buckle colors on Classic Buckle for Apple Watch page!

Case size: 38 mm / 40 mm / 41 mm and 42 mm / 44 mm / 45 mm

Wrist size: 130 - 195 mm and 150 - 215 mm

Apple Nike Collection

A collaboration that you should not miss! Nike x Apple has designed two types of bracelets.

The first wristband is made of fluoroelastomer (silicone), which creates a soft effect. The wristband also has compression perforations for better ventilation. Even better, this Nike bracelet has an innovative rivet closure system.

 Apple Nike Sport Band Apple Obsidian Mist / Black

Color: Check out all our Nike Sport Band colors on our Apple Watch Nike Sport Band page!

Case size: 38 mm / 40 mm / 41 mm and 42 mm / 44 mm / 45 mm / 49 mm

Wrist size: 130 - 200 mm and 140 - 210 mm

The second model we call the Nike Sport Loop. This one is made of soft woven nylon with a Velcro closure that easily attaches to the wrist!

Color: Check out all of our Nike Sport Loop colors on our Apple Watch Nike Sport Loop page!

Case size: 38 mm / 40 mm / 41 mm and 42 mm / 44 mm / 45 mm / 49 mm

Wrist size: 130 - 200 mm and 140 - 210 mm

The third model is called Apple Woven Nylon Strap. This specimen consists of more than 500 threads woven into a unique, colorful pattern.

Apple Woven Nylon Apple Watch Midnight Blue

Color: Check out all our Apple Woven Nylon colors on our Apple Watch Woven Nylon page!

Case size: 38 mm / 40 mm / 41 mm and 42 mm / 44 mm / 45 mm / 49 mm

Wrist size: 125 - 195 mm and 145 - 215 mm

Bandbreite: All Apple Watch models in a few clicks!

Since 2015, Apple has released more than 350 Apple Watch bands in collaboration with its partners Nike and Hermes, with new colors added every quarter.

Filip Chudzinski has developed an app that lets you manage your collection of Apple Watch bracelets. The idea is that you can note which Apple Watch bracelets you have and which ones you still have on your wishlist. Wristbands that are still on the market can then be purchased from a reseller like SB Supply.

Besides the basic black and white colors, Apple releases seasonal colors every spring and fall (and sometimes in between) that disappear from the range after some time. If you still want them, you have to resort to old stocks in stores or on the second-hand market.

The Bandbreite App is available in the Apple Store, with which you:

  • Create a list of all the groups you want to add to your collection. Your personal wish list will give you the best overview of what to buy next.
  • Get detailed statistics and information about your collection.
  • Learn what types of bracelets and colors you prefer.
  • Get inspired by the pictures to try new colors and expand your collection or prove that you made the right choice.


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