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 COMPEX® muscle stimulation is essential for improving sports performance and well-being. Compex electrical muscle stimulation for both professional athletes and sports enthusiasts. Scientifically Proven. Pain Relief. Explosive Strength. Reduce Muscle Damage.

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Compex is known for its portable muscle stimulators that helps improve performance and recovery in sports. The product range now includes muscle stimulators, brace products, therapy devices and massage devices.

Muscle stimulator

Compex's muscle stimulators are designed to optimize muscle training and recovery. It is suitable for all types of athletes of all levels. The devices can be used for physical preparation, muscle recovery and pain treatment in sports and fitness. For example, the Compex SP 2.0 wired electrostimulator is the ultimate companion during intense workouts. This muscle stimulators contain various training programs. The muscle stimulators of Compex are easy to use in combination with the Compex coach app. This way you can train at home as well as in the gym. Try out the Compex Fit 1.0 Wireless Electrostimulator now!


At SB Supply you can find different Compex corebelts. These muscle stimulation belts are designed to help you build a stronger and tighter core. All corebelts can easily be used with the app. In addition, it is possible to stimulate both your abs and lower back at the same time. The Compex Corebelt 5.0 Wireless Electrostimulator is the most comprehensive belt among the core-belt series. The belt offers 9 different programs for 6 different goals. The Compex Corebelt 1.0 and Compex Corebelt 3.0 can also be found at SB Supply.

Massage Devices

Compex also has several massage devices within its product line. For example, the Compex Ion Vibrating Roller and Compex Molecule Vibrating Ball are ideal to use before and after your workout. These portable massage devices prepare the muscles for a workout. In addition, it can also be used to relieve sore muscles after much exertion. Thanks to the different vibration speeds you can adjust the massage device exactly to your needs. Take your massage with you wherever you go!