iPad 10.9 adapters and chargers

Never run out of battery on your iPad 10.9

iPad 10.9 adapters and chargers are essential for your iPad 10.9. From adapters and video cables to audio cables to connect your iPad 10.9 to a display or audio screen. SB Supply has a wide range of adapters and cables. USB, travel adapters, car chargers, lightning to USB camera adapters from A-brands such as Belkin, Apple and Griffin.  Our adapters allow you to get even more out of your iPad 10.9: that must be satisfying!

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Adapter for your new iPad 10.9

iPad 10.9 - Your everyday device

Your iPad 10.9 is a compact and versatile device for everyday use - but sometimes incompatible with the conditions you encounter. This won't be a problem with SB Supply's adapters and chargers!


Not to mention for technology freaks, there are a few adapters that us normal consumers should have as well. For example, every travel bag should have an adapter that is compatible with your iPad 10.9 - just make sure you know which country the plug is designed for. Also of interest to everyone, of course, are adapters for your Micro-SIM card.

For in the car

On the road a lot? We know the problem of the non-existent power outlet - and offer the solution: use the cigarette lighter and charge it without any problems. Also for people whose car does not yet have a modern stereo system: just use the cassette dock to connect your iPad 10.9 and enjoy the ride!