Mac headphones

The best Mac headphones for an ultimate experience

Nowadays you have many ways to create your own music collection on your Apple computer, for example in iTunes, but of course you do not always want to share it with your environment. Moreover, the quality of the built-in speakers is not optimal. In order to really enjoy your music we offer excellent quality headphones for Mac's. We have an assortment with different types of headphones, so everyone can choose their own style and find headphones that meet their requirements. All headphones are suitable for a Mac computer.  

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MacBook Headphones

The best sound quality

Our headphones for Mac and MacBook provide the best audio quality. Enjoy your music even more! For example with the headsets from BeoPlay, a brand from Bang & Olufsen. These headphones are of good quality and one of our favorites at SB Supply.

Listen to music wirelessly with Bluetooth

By now, there are plenty of headphones that work on the basis of a wireless connection. Finally, no more cables getting in the way and this will not have a negative impact on the sound quality. 


Almost all of our headphones and headsets have the Active-Noise-Cancellation Feature integrated. This is a noise-cancellation feature and ensures an even better sound quality. Ideal for working even more concentrated behind your MacBook or iMac.