Ranqer gas lift cylinder class 4 black

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If your seat starts sinking under you, it may be that your gas lift is defective. Easily order a new gas lift so that you can replace the defective one. Now your chair wil be as good as new again.

- 1x gas lift cylinder for all Ranqer chairs (RMA)


Ranqer gas lift cylinder class 4 (RQ-RMA-GAS-LIFT-4)

Gaming and office chairs use a gas lift which allows you to adjust the height of your chair. Sometimes it can occur that the existing gas lift becomes defective or less effective. You can tell this is the case when your chair starts sinking slowly even without you touching the handle.

How to replace the gas lift

1. Put the seat on its highest setting by pulling on the side handle
2. Pull the lever and detach the upper part of the chair from the lower part (base)
3. After removing the base of the chair, the gas lift will now be exposed
4. Tap the gas lift with a rubber mallet until the gas lift releases. You may need to put some force into this
5. You can now put the new gaslift in place

Extra explanation

For a step by step explanation, see this link: Instruction manual

EAN 8720598690101
Brand RMA
Color Black