The smart Invoxia collar for your dog

Invoxia already has a range of products that rely on GPS to track everyday objects. Now the range has expanded to include a smart dog collar. With this smart collar, you can monitor your dog's location, movement and health at all times. Read about all the features of Invoxia's smart collar in this blog.

What is a smart collar?

A smart collar monitors various activities through the use of sensors. These include location, movement and health. By putting the smart collar on your dog, it is possible to track your dog anytime, anywhere. That way you can be sure that you can find your dog back if they're missing. Additionally, if there is an anomaly related to health you will receive an alert as well.

Invoxia's smart collar has a number of advantages:

  • Has advanced sensors
  • Provides non-invasive, accurate measurements
  • Uses integrated artificial intelligence
  • Simplifies complex signal processing tasks
  • Everything is done locally on your device
  • Companion app for iOS and Android

How does it work?

The smart collar can be used by pairing it with a smartphone or tablet. Inside the collar there is a tracker and several sensors. This tracker can be linked to the smartphone via the app. The tracker works by connecting to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and LTE. All activities can be measured by the sensors and artificial intelligence. The activities such as health and location can be seen in the app.

The battery life of the Invoxia smart collar is several weeks. This means that you only need to charge the collar, once every few weeks.


The collar has real-time GPS tracking. This makes it possible to track your dog 24/7. Smart geolocation technology has been used to create greater accuracy.

Through the app you get alerts if your dog tries to escape. In addition, the virtual perimeter around the location where your dog is at that time is visible. This geofence allows you to detect movement within the defined area. Invoxia even has a buzzer built into the collar so you can ask it to make a sound if the dog is nearby but you can't see them.



In addition to location tracking, it is also possible to track your dog's activity. This built-in fitness tracker measures how active your dog has been during the day. These measurements are then synced to the corresponding app, along with statistics on your dog's daily activities, such as walking, running, scratching, eating, drinking, barking and resting.


Your dog's health can also be monitored through the collar. This is done by several built-in sensors. The heart and respiratory frequency are measured. The value of this can be seen in the app at the health center. If an abnormality is detected, you as the owner will receive a message.

The health tracker collects data that can be useful in the long term in supporting your dog's health. This includes establishing a baseline and early detection of disease. This data can also be useful during a visit to the vet.


The design of the smart collar is light, stylish and comfortable. In addition, this collar is available in multiple colours including blue and yellow.
The collar is designed for medium to large dogs >8kg (17lbs).

Price and subscription

The collar can be purchased at a price of 99 euros. In addition, you do need to take out a subscription of 12.99 euros per month to use the app.

Posted By Ambar de Ruijter