Train your breathing with Airofit

The Airofit mobile app acts as a virtual breathing coach. As Airofit tracks your breathing, your smartphone provides live feedback and guidance to ensure all exercises are performed correctly. With a few simple steps, Airofit measures your current lung function. This data is then linked to your age, gender, height and weight. In this way, a customized training session can be created using your measurements as the basis.

The training data is stored in your account, giving you an overview of your training progress over time.

The best digital breathing coach!

The Airofit mobile app is your ideal virtual breathing coach/tracker. While Airofit tracks your breathing, your smartphone indicates live whether the exercises are performed correctly and properly, thus you never do an exercise wrong again.
The app also gives you easy access to your performance, so you can easily compare whether you are making progress.

Airofit app

Through the app, you can easily create your own profile.
Thus, the app can super well help you set goals for your progress. Also, through the app you can start good and carefully chosen workout programs, this allows you to get the most out of your workout. Also, the app
track your progress through your collected data, if not? Then the app is immediately ready to help you further through tips / explanation, so you never lose your motivation to continue!

What else can you do?

-17 unique breathing workouts
- Live tracking
- Super feedback on lack of progression allowing you to move forward!
- Easy to personalize
- Easy to pair with your devices

Why a breathing trainer?

The Netherlands has a total of 320,000 people with COPD, this number will unfortunately only increase. Because of these large numbers of people with lung problems, more and more means are being invented to train your lungs. One such solution, of course, is the Airofit. A respiratory trainer can also make sure that you become less fatigued because, rapid fatigue of the respiratory muscles can make for a cause of constriction of the blood vessels in the limbs, this can compromise the blood/oxygen supply to the muscles. You also train your CO2 tolerance with a respiratory trainer, optimizing gas exchange and oxygen supply to the muscles, so you can work harder and longer toward your goal! With stronger breathing muscles, you enable yourself to lower your breathing and heart rate. This allows you to use less energy on the breathing itself, also a low heart rate allows you to handle stress situations easier and it lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cleaning the Airofit PRO

Since the Airofit comes into contact with your saliva during a workout or test, it is necessary to clean it regularly. When cleaning the Airofit PRO it is necessary to disconnect the E-unit. It is not resistant to water and may break.
When the E-unit is disconnected, the complete Airofit can be cleaned in warm water. Make sure that after washing the Airofit is thoroughly dry before storing, this prevents damage to the Airofit.
Our recommendation is to additionally clean the Airofit once a week using a disinfectant such as soap. Make sure that this is a mild soap since you also put the Airofit back in your mouth. After cleaning with soap, always rinse the Airofit thoroughly and dry with a clean towel. If you follow these steps every week you can use the Airofit super hygienically and the Airofit will last longer!

Watch the instruction video below on how to clean the Airofit!

What does the Airofit Pro 2.0 have compared to its predecessor

In addition to the "simple lung test," which measures your accessible lung capacity, inhalation force and exhalation force in one step, there is also a new "advanced lung test. This test is divided into 3 steps, giving you a more accurate measurement of your accessible lung capacity, inhalation and exhalation force. Moreover, the measurement is more accurate thanks to the new sensor that allows the device to process accurate readings of your respiratory training. The electronic unit has been specially redesigned and remanufactured to be splash (saliva) resistant, so there are no errors or misconceptions during a breathing session.

The Airofit Pro 2.0 is equipped with a cable that can be connected to the computer or power outlet. Improved durability requires magnetic charging. Battery life is improved from 3-5 days to 4-7 days, so less charging and more happy breathing. Last but not least, a new tool called Training Tips comes to the app. The Pro 2.0 recognizes certain variables and gives you workout tips based on your performance.

Below is a handy comparison chart!

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