Installation Wahoo KICKR SNAP

Once you've received your Wahoo KICKR SNAP you'll obviously want to unpack and start using it as soon as possible. To help you do this we have outlined some important steps to follow. Follow these steps carefully to get the most out of your Wahoo KICKR SNAP!

1. Unboxing

When you receive the Wahoo KICKR SNAP, you can get started almost immediately. When you take the KICKR SNAP out of the box it is already fully assembled, all you have to do is plug it in. If you have a bike with a quick-release skewer on the wheel, you can quickly replace it with the included version. Then you can secure the bike in the trainer.  


2. Side axles

If you have a bike with floating axles, you will need to purchase an additional adapter. These are not included with the Wahoo KICKR SNAP. 

Purchase the Wahoo KICKR SNAP Adapter!


3. Start cycling

Once you have mounted your bike on the Wahoo KICKR SNAP, you are ready to start cycling. The Wahoo KICKR SNAP should be calibrated from time to time to ensure that the power meter is as accurate as possible. It is highly recommended that you do this before you start cycling for the first time. You can do this quickly and easily via the Wahoo APP.


4. Complete your Setup

To really get the most out of your indoor season, update your indoor set-up some more. These four products you really can't miss!



The KICKR HEADWIND  is the first ever smart fan designed with the cyclist in mind. With speeds of over 48 km / h, that HEADWIND keeps you cool during the toughest training sessions. Cycling at home has never been so realistic! 



The Wahoo CLIMB

The Wahoo Fitness KICKR CLIMB is the choice of many champions. It is characterized by its ultimate power, accuracy and responsiveness tailored to the most demanding cyclists. Cycling elevated and lowered courses has never been more realistic!


Wahoo DESK

The Wahoo DESK

The Wahoo KICKR Indoor Cycling Desk is the ideal platform for your bike trainer setup. Are you always short of space to store all your gear while working out indoors? With the Wahoo KICKR Indoor Cycling Desk, your laptop, smartphone, water bottle and towel are now always within easy reach.


Wahoo floormat


This Floormat is multifunctional. First of all, this Floormat provides extra grip for your Wahoo KICKR. It is water resistant and therefore super for catching all the sweat. In addition, this mat is sound dampening which ensures that no one else hears you. You can also use the mat for exercises without KICKR. The 6 mm thick foam provides extra comfort during your exercise!

Posted By Angelina Percy