Wahoo Fitness KICKR climb

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The Wahoo Fitness KICKR CLIMB is the choice of many champions. It is characterized by its ultimate power, accuracy and responsiveness tailored to the most demanding cyclists. Cycling up and down hills has never been so realistic!

- Max incline: 20%
- Max Descent: -10%
- Wireless software updates: Yes
- Compatible with third-party apps

Regular Price: €549.00

Aanbieding prijs €514.99

Free Shipping

Wahoo Fitness KICKR climb

The KICKR CLIMB physically adjusts your cycling position to mimic real road and mountain climbing. It allows you to change position on the bike, engage climbing muscles and improve cycling technique while indoors, making you a more efficient and powerful climber outdoors.


The KICKR climb from Wahoo Fitness allows you to get the most out of your indoor workout. Connect to the most popular online training platforms to create a truly immersive riding experience. Whether you're on a virtual track or doing a structured workout, KICKR CLIMB combines physical gradations with resistance changes from the KICKR or KICKR SNAP to take your indoor ride to the next level

Bicycle more efficient and powerful than ever

The KICKR CLIMB raises and lowers your bike quickly to combine courses of up to 20% and descents of -10% in combination with the new KICKR or new SNAP (2017 editions). Climbing exercises and descents are now more realistic than ever, as the KICKR CLIMB simulates changes in altitude in real time. By connecting yourself to online training forms and cycling programs, you are able to compose a workout with the training structure that suits you.

The KICKR CLIMB works exclusively with the following Wahoo Smart Trainers:

- KICKR with improved compatibility (end of August 2017)
- KICKR SNAP with new LED status indicators (July 2017)

Tip from SB Supply: Pair the Kickr climb with one of the training applications: Wahoo Fitness, Zwift or TrainerRoad for more interaction.

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