Wahoo Fitness KICKR Core Home Trainer

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The new Wahoo KICKR Core is the perfect home trainer. For elite athletes, it is well known that smart trainers offer the most efficient cycling workouts. In recent years Wahoo has built a reputation among the cycling community for producing world-class cycling products. To help these cyclists take their training to another level, the KICKR Core has new and improved features. The KICKR Core combines the performance of the KICKR Power with a simplified design. The latest KICKR Core offers precise power and a quiet training experience for cyclists.

- Silent cycling
- Quick and easy to mount
- Compatible with Wahoo products and apps
- New flywheel technology for realistic cycling experience

Regular Price: €799.00

Aanbieding prijs €589.00

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Wahoo Fitness KICKR Core Home Trainer

The KICKR Core is the latest smart indoor cycletrainer from the Wahoo range. It delivers a realistic, accurate and silent indoor training experience by utilising Wahoo's proven flywheel and new advanced technology indoor cycletrainer. Simply connect the rear axle of your bike to the KICKR Core and start your workout immediately. The KICKR Core indoor trainer is built to make all your indoor workouts possible, even connect compatibe apps or Wahoo devices via Bluetooth Smart, ANT+ and ANT+ FE-C.

The smart home trainer for indoor cycling

Utilising proven flywheel technology, the KICKR Core delivers realistic, accurate and quiet indoor training experiences you expect from Wahoo. Made of rugged steel, the KICKR Core stays in place while you get busy with your cycling workout. Its durable design and sturdy components mean it can withstand years of heavy use. Set the resistance or power threshold via your chosen app or computer software for the most efficient workout possible.

Perfect indoor home trainer 

KICKR Core provides power, speed and distance during your indoor ride. Ride along virtual routes and geo-synchronised videos to get the most immersive indoor training experience. Download apps like Zwift, Fulgaz and Rouvy on your smartphone or tablet to take the training experience to an even more detailed level. KICKR Core delivers the accuracy and responsiveness needed to handle the toughest strength-based training sessions.

Link Wahoo devices to the KICKR Core home trainer

KICKR Headwind brings innovative climate control to your indoor training experience. Pair it with your KICKR Core and as your speed or heart rate increases, so does the fan speed. Connect the KICKR Core to an ELEMNT cycling computer to relive rides or perform scheduled workouts. When paired with the KICKR Core smart trainer, the KICKR Climb indoor incline simulator will match climbs of up to 20% and descents of up to -10% with physical elevation changes.

What's in the package:

- Wahoo Fitness KICKR Core Smart Trainer With Shimano Road freewheel body (without cassette)
- 220V AC adapter (LTE60E-S2-1)
- Quick release (assembled)
- 1.8 mm axle spacer (for 8/9/10-speed cassettes)
- Adapter for 130 mm and 135 mm quick-releases (assembled)
- Adapter for 12 x 142 and 12 x 148 axles
- Disc brake holder

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