iPhone 11 Pro Max adapters and chargers

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Hier vind je ons assortiment iPhone 11 Pro Max adapters en laders. Van adapters naar videokabels om je iPhone 11 Pro Max op een display aan te sluiten. Verder beschikken we voor je over reisadapters, autoadapters, micro-USB-adapters, lightning naar USB-kabel. Adapters en laders van merken als Apple, die bekend staan om hun betrouwbaarheid. Met onze kabels zorg je dat je altijd bereikbaar bent voor je omgeving en dat geeft een prettig gevoel. Benut je iPhone 11 Pro Max dus optimaal met onze adapters en laders.

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Apple USB-C 18W Power Adapter

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iPhone 11 Pro Max adapters and chargers

Travel adapters

A travel adapter is especially useful if you often travel by car. With a handy car charging cable you can charge your iPhone while driving. This is especially important if you use your iPhone as a navigation device and therefore always need a full battery. The car adapters with a USB-C and USB-A connection are very practical and charge your iPhone 11 Pro Max super fast. With this you can charge all devices you own easily and quickly in the car! Of course the adapters are not only compatible with the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Adapters for the best connectivity

The connectivity between different devices is almost endless these days! Whether you want to connect your iPad to your iPhone, your iPhone to your MacBook or your Samsung Galaxy Tab to your TV, adapters allow you to connect to a wide range of devices! Our range also includes adapters made specifically for your new iPhone 11 Pro Max, so that you can connect it to another Apple device, such as your old iPhone or iPad!