7 Reasons Why You Should Use iPads in School!

A distraction or a new interactive way to learn? Like it or not, tablets are invading the traditional school. Forget the backpack full of books. It’s the age of tablets and digital learning. Discover the benefits of using iPads in the classroom!

Technology is invading education at an incredible rate. The learning process has evolved from learning on whiteboards to learning on interactive whiteboards. The previous generation dreamed of using desktop computers to solve math, writing, and drawing.

The next generation speculated about the benefits of laptops in the classroom. That sounds awkward these days, doesn’t it? It’s now the age of tablets, that small, out-of-the-box carrier of technology and knowledge.

When used in education, a tablet is a more powerful and less expensive than a computer. Education is enriched by the use of an intuitive touch screen and simple controls. The benefits of using electronic devices in learning are well known. An increasing number of school classes in Germany are integrating tablets into their curriculum for personal use.

1 - The tablets and iPads are easy to use.

Tablets are definitely more intuitive and easier to use than desktops and laptops or even manuals. Even young children can use iPads.

In the Journals of Computer Assisted Learning, studies have shown that the majority of children have shown positive gains in “literacy, math, science, and problem solving development” as well as other skills.

Educational games are so simple and accessible that young children can use them to enhance their learning. Older people can also learn quickly with tablets. They are an excellent way for grandparents to communicate with their young grandchildren by listening to music or playing games together.

Tablet synchronization and charging

More and more classrooms in Germany are equipped with iPads to provide students with a modern and interactive learning experience. But iPads need power and must be charged every day. Synchronization is also a priority.

To charge and sync a large number of devices, schools need innovative charging stations like the Griffin Multidock 3 (10-Bay) Charger charging station black with 10 slots or the Satechi Multi-Device Charging Station with 5 ports. With this educational material, you will be well equipped for the daily demands of digital learning. A great example of what SB Supply can do for you!

2 - Direct, simple and real-time communication.

Tablets connect all the key players: students, parents and teachers. Handwritten notes or assignments can be lost in an instant, intentionally or accidentally.

With numeric data, this never happens: any feedback, including comments, encouragement, or concerns, is available for consultation. The “forgetfulness factor” no longer exists. Neither for students - nor for teachers.

Thanks to technology, parents can also check grades and contact the teacher if their child needs extra help. Through email and online chats, students can be reminded to turn in a paper or talk to a child who is struggling, so no one is disadvantaged in their education.

3 - A huge database in just a few clicks!

The teacher can quickly provide students with interesting content in real time with just a few clicks. In addition, students can use the recommended resources to complete their homework. Tablets give students instant access to individual research, a great knowledge base available to them through the cloud, or in other words, virtual memory.

In the past, students either had to find a classmate or access books for help with homework. Today, there are thousands of websites and videos that show examples and explain learning content. Kids don’t have to fail just because they can’t get to the library or ask a friend for help.

Shockproof protective cases for iPad and tablet: for a comfortable grip

Protect tablets with appropriate protective cases to avoid unpleasant surprises in class.

The best way to protect your iPad or tablet at school depends on the age of your child. For young children, we recommend childproof cases.

For older students, however, we recommend cases with pencil holders so that even that expensive Apple Pencil doesn’t get lost!

In fact, a protective case like Casecentive Handstrap or Casecentive Handstrap Pro can make the difference between a relaxing learning experience and a stressful class.

This way, you always have your iPad at hand during class.

4 - A personalized approach to learning for all

As a teacher, you need to embrace a variety of learning styles because not all students learn the same way. Some are slow learners, others are faster. Rhythms vary, as do interests.

Teachers can use the e-learning arsenal to overcome this obstacle and teach the same course in different ways. For example, show videos or invite students to play learning games.

Tablets can also be used for special needs. Students with disabilities will appreciate the tablet’s flexibility, storage space, and adapted programs.

The individualized approach is also much easier thanks to the various features available on most devices. For example, large sections of information can be dictated to a student who is dyslexic or has difficulty concentrating for an extended period of time.

Children can also talk to their tablets and convert their voice to text to write paragraphs. Students with other disabilities can download technologies they already use from their tablets and take them with them wherever they go.

Overall, tablets present traditional information in a much more creative and interesting way, which has really helped to integrate children with learning disabilities.

Locks, holders and anti-theft devices for iPad/ tablets and more security

For schools that have tablets as equipment that their students can access, we offer anti-theft locks and holders.

An anti-theft lock can be very useful if you leave your devices unattended. We can help prevent theft of iPads, MacBooks or iMacs with our security solutions and locks.

Securely attach your MacBook, Mac Pro or iMac to fixed objects so it can’t be taken (even accidentally).

5 - Cheaper than textbooks

Basically, the tablets are actually a good investment in the medium and long term. It would be more profitable for you to avoid the heavy burden of buying textbooks every year.

No dust, no price increases, no surprises from textbook suppliers, no storage problems and no damages. It’s like a lightweight, fully scalable backpack that can hold thousands of textbooks in its internal or cloud storage space.

The tablets are also easy to update to the latest versions. A decade or two ago, when schools changed their curricula, they also had to buy new books, which ended up costing tens of thousands of dollars to supply hundreds of students.

6 - Improve students’ media literacy, stimulate creativity.

Like it or not, digital technology rules the world. That’s why it’s important to learn how to use computers and tablets as early as elementary school.

What’s more, the tablet’s handy format encourages creativity - drawing, composing music or making movies without additional tools. In this way, students become creative people rather than passive recipients of knowledge.

Nowadays, employers are looking for applicants who have at least basic computer skills. They are looking for people who can work well with programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Although young students certainly don’t have to worry about finding a job in the near future, starting early can give them an advantage in the future.

And who knows, maybe a child will discover that they love working with computers and want to choose a career as a programmer or graphic designer someday.

7 - Learning simulations, more motivation to learn

Piloten, Soldaten und Chirurgen nutzen seit langem Simulationsspiele. Sie sind jetzt auf Tablets erhältlich. Beim Spielen geht es nicht nur um Ablenkung und Zeitvertreib, Spiele können auch Kreativität und Reflexion anregen.

Ein Teil des Lernens in einer simulierten Umgebung baut einen Großteil des Stresses ab, den manche Kinder bei Tests, Präsentationen oder dem Erlernen neuer und schwieriger Themen empfinden könnten.

Sie kann auch Erlebnisse in den Klassenraum bringen, die sonst nicht möglich wären. Beispielsweise können die Schülerinnen und Schüler Spaziergänge im Wald unternehmen oder Tiefseekreaturen mit ihren Kameras beobachten.

Technologie kann Türen zu wirklich faszinierenden Themen öffnen und Kinder zum Lernen anregen.

Pilots, soldiers and surgeons have long used simulation games. They are now available on tablets. Gaming is not just about distraction and passing time; games can also stimulate creativity and reflection.

Part of learning in a simulated environment relieves much of the stress some children might feel when taking tests, giving presentations or learning new and difficult subjects.

It can also bring experiences into the classroom that would not otherwise be possible. For example, students can take walks in the woods or observe deep-sea creatures with their cameras.

Technology can open doors to truly fascinating topics and inspire children to learn.

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When deciding whether or not to include tablets in your school, it is important to define your end goals and key stakeholders. Unanimous approval is essential if you want the new initiative to work despite potential drawbacks.T

ablets prepare students for their future workplace. They give them confidence and creative tools unmatched in the traditional classroom infrastructure and engage those who are hard to reach and motivate. If nothing else, they help us and our children speak the same language - an opportunity not to be missed.

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