Marbotic Smart Letters Lower Case

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Turn your iPad into a learning tool and boost your child's progress with Lowercase Smart Letters! Thanks to the 4 different apps, your child will improve his reading skills while having fun.

- No Wifi, Bluetooth or batteries needed
- Uses Multi-Touch technology
- Developed by teachers and educational experts
- Includes 26 wooden letters and four free educational apps
- Equipped with child safe materials

Suitable for children from: 3 to 6 years

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Marbotic Smart Letters Lower Case

This unique play set combines beautiful interactive wooden letters and various iPad games to enhance your child's learning experience. It helps to build reading skills, vocabulary and to write and read complete sentences.

Montessori toys for iPad or tablet

Involving our bodies in the learning process promotes concentration and memory. The children apply the Montessori teaching method with this interactive set. The method focuses on the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development of the child. That is why Marbotic decided to combine a screen with beautiful wooden toys. This way you get the best of both worlds: digital and traditional! Children can playfully learn to write, read and even make complete sentences.

Developing creativity, imagination and reading skills

The Marbotic Smart Letters Lower Case stimulates your child's creative insight and imagination in a playful way. It builds on the reading and writing knowledge your child already has. Using the smart letters, children learn the alphabet, learn about sounds, recognise large and small letters and expand their vocabulary. Get it now!

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