Prevent your luggage from getting lost thanks to our compact trackers!

As the vacation season is approaching, passengers traveling through airports around the world are faced with baggage problems. Whether it's long delays in retrieving luggage or having to drop it off the day before a flight. These unpleasant situations often result in lost luggage. With the high stress of flight delays and cancellations, these problems exacerbate the stress that vacationers are currently experiencing. Make sure your valuables can always be found with compact trackers!

Find your suitcase with Invoxia trackers

Please note:  Invoxia trackers can only be used in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany.

The Invoxia GPS tracker is a practical gadget to locate your belongings, it sends you anti-theft alerts to warn you in case of suspicious movements on your suitcase. In addition, you can define security zones through the application and the tracker does the rest! It tells you when the tracker enters or leaves the zone with perfect accuracy. All of this is accessible via the app. You can also follow the tracker's route. Want an even smaller tracker that you can even hang on your keychain? Then go for the Invoxia Mini Tracker!

With a 6-month battery life, you won't have to worry about the battery suddenly running out. Plus, you'll get a notification when the battery is low. Network coverage is FREE for 3 years and you don't even need a SIM card to enjoy it. The 3-year subscription is included in the Invoxia package.

For more information on Invoxia trackers, please read our Invoxia blog and FAQ!

Accessories for the AirTag for easy attachment to your suitcase

The Apple Airtag is the latest gadget from Apple that allows you to never lose your precious items again. Apple has released a small, round device that allows you to always find your stuff immediately. An Airtag is a device that you attach to your bag or keys and with the Find My app, you can locate your bag or any other item.

The small drawback of the Airtag is that you can't attach it without accessories. Apple didn't put a hole in the Airtag so you can attach it to something. Fortunately, SB Supply has a solution for that. We have different silicone and leather hangers to protect your Airtag from scratches and with these hangers you can easily attach it to your keys. The silicone Airtag keychain is available in black, white and pink. The leather Airtag key chain is available in black.

For more information, please visit our AirTag blog!

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