Tablet floor stands

At SB Supply we have a wide collection of tablet floor stands suitable for the iPad, Galaxy Tab and other tablets. We carry tablet stands in different colors and materials, such as stainless steel. In addition, we also carry universal floor stands for tablets that are suitable for Asus tablets, among others. A tablet stand is the ideal way to present and sell your products in a professional and modern way. Our floor stands are perfectly suited for this and are popular among our customers.

In the product descriptions you will find more details and information about each tablet stand. Many tablet stands for the iPad are also suitable for tablets of the same size, for example 9 to 10 inch. Also take a look at our accessories, like the stainless steel pushlocks or tiltable units, so you can get even more out of your tablet stand.

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Tabletop stands for iPad and Galaxy Tab

A Tablet floor stand is the perfect solution to deploy the tablet in business. It does not matter if you own an iPad or Galaxy Tab, we have floor stands for every iPad and Galaxy Tab. SB Supply has a large collection of tablet floor stands available from stock. Fast delivery and large choice.

Use of floor stand iPad on a fair

A Tablet floor stand is a perfect addition at a trade show. Why then? We like to share with you the benefits.

  • The Tablet floor stand is compatible with various tablets such as an iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini or Galaxy Tab. In addition, SB Supply also supports lesser known tablet types such as an ASUS or Lenovo tablet.
  • We understand that the tablet needs to be secured. All our stands can be equipped with a lock so the tablet cannot be stolen.
  • The tablet floor stands are completely stable.
  • The Tablet floor stand can also be used in a store to present products. The users of the iPad can fully use the device when the device is in the stand but they cannot take the iPad out of the stand.

Different models

The design of the tablet floor stand combines convenience, simplicity, reliability and functionality. Our tablet stands are inspected and are made only of durable metal materials. This ensures that the tablet is safely locked in place. The stands are based on the VESA 200 or VESA 400 mount pattern (pattern 50 - 100 - 200 and 400 mm). The setup is thus modular. No worries about cables, they can be hidden in the tube.

Different colors for iPad columns

The Securo floor stand for iPad and Galaxy Tab consists of a metal floor plate that is perpendicular to a tube which then holds a cassette with the tablet inside. There are several colors available: black, white, gray and stainless steel (brushed stainless steel). The floor stand weighs approximately 10 kg and the standard height is 105 cm.