Aftershokz Air Midnight Blue

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The Aftershokz Air Midnight Blue are earplugs, but slightly different. The music is not delivered through your ear canal, but through the cheekbones. This allows you to enjoy ambient sounds aswell. No more dangerous traffic situations because you can't hear cars approaching. Thanks to revolutionary "Bone Conduction Technology" all this is a thing of the past.

- Bluetooth 4.2
- IP55 water resistant
- 6 hours battery life
- Lightweight and comfortable
- Multipoint pairing
- Up to 10 days standby time

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Aftershokz Air Midnight Blue

The Aftershokz Air is a very popular model among wireless earphones. You don't get the sound through your ear canal, but through your cheekbones. You can now listen to music safely without this resulting in a dangerous situation, because you are still able to listen to your surrounding sounds.

Earphones with open-ear design

Through the “Bone Conduction Technology” you hear both music and ambient noise. The Aftershokz headphones are not in your ears, but rest at the end of the cheekbone. Sound is transmitted to your eardrum by means of vibrations, this way you hear the ambient sounds aswell. In addition, you no longer suffer from irritation in your ears and the earplugs can no longer fall out of your ears.

Full sweat and water resistant Aftershokz earplugs

The Aftershokz Air is completely waterproof and therefore even sweat-resistant. An official IP55 certification has been issued for this.

Wireless earbuds with extra long battery life

The Air series from Aftershokz comes with a battery life of up to 6 hours. This allows you to listen to your favorite music, audiobooks or podcasts for a long time.


- Bone conduction technology delivers music through your cheekbones
- Lightweight and flexible, weighing only 30 grams
- OpenFit ™ -design guarantees maximum comfort
- Wireless Bluetooth® 4.2 connection
- IP55 certified and sweat and splash proof
- 6 hours of audio time per charge

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