Aftershokz OpenComm headset light grey

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The Aftershokz OpenComm headset light grey is a wireless headset with bone-conduction technology. This keeps your ears free while ensuring the sound remains crystal clear. Your conversations stay crisp and clear. In addition, the Aftershokz OpenComm headset has a noise-cancelling microphone. Ideal for all your digital conversations and long online meetings at the office or at home!

- Extremely comfortable
- Superior dynamic stereo sound
- Has Bluetooth
- 8 hours battery life
- Fast-charging function
- Sweat-resistant
- Made of titanium

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Aftershokz OpenComm headset light grey

What is unique about this premium headset is the fact that the Aftershokz OpenComm headset light grey features the innovative bone-conduction technology. The headset rests on the user's cheekbones. Not only is this more comfortable to wear because the ears remain free, but the user is also aware of his or her ambient sounds. It's a lot safer, for example to wear on a bicycle. Making calls or listening to music has never been so comfortable. Ideal for, for example, long Zoom meetings or video calls with colleagues. 

Clear sound and a noise-cancelling microphone

Background noise and is of course very annoying. To prevent this interference, the Aftershokz OpenComm headset has a noise-cancelling microphone. Thanks to this adjustable DSP noise-cancelling microphone, this headset offers excellent audio and makes communication even easier. It also has fast charging and pairing via NFC. Thanks to the microphone that reduces background noise, conversations sound clearer and more pleasant, even for those you call with. The OpenComm headphones are equipped with a Qualcomm 3024 chip allowing it to process various complex sounds. In addition, it uses Premium Pitch 2.0 audio technology.

Hygienic and stylish design

Since the ears remain free, the Aftershokz OpenComm is also a lot more hygienic than similar products. The headset is also resistant to moisture. The titanium that makes up the headset also offers a sturdy and stylish design. 

Product SKU ASC100LG
EAN 0811071032100
Brand Shokz
Color Grey