Aftershokz OpenMove Slate bluetooth earbuds white

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The Aftershokz OpenMove Slate bluethooth earphones white combine an open-ear design and the very latest bone conduction technology to create a listening experience like no other. Designed with versatility in mind, these headphones are accessible to everyone.

- Open ear design
- USB-C charge
- Six hours of music and phone calls
- Standby time up to ten days

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Aftershokz OpenMove Slate bluethooth earbuds white

The Aftershokz OpenMove uses bone conduction technology, allowing users to stay active with headphones. The ears are left uncovered and the user is aware of the surrounding sounds. Bone conduction technology generates mini-vibrations that pass through the cheekbones of the person wearing the earplugs. The vibrations travel directly to the inside of the ears and completely pass through the eardrums. Traffic and other surrounding noises can now be heard, making the OpenMove headphones perfectly designed for on the go.

Hygienic thanks to open bone conduction headphones  

Designed for daily intensive use, the OpenMove headphones aim to be as comfortable and hygienic as possible. Unlike in- or over-ear headphones, which trap bacteria and earwax in the headphones, OpenMove headphones keep the ear canal clear and the headphones clean. You can easily wash the headphones without affecting the performance of the headphones.

Waterproof headphones with different listening modes

Water resistance to IP55 and a battery life of 6 hours (10 days standby) make the OpenMove headphones suitable for all conditions you encounter. They also weigh less than 30 grams. The revolutionary Aftershokz OpenMove can be set in three different modes. Standard mode for outdoor use, Humana Voice mode for crystal clear sound, which is best for when listening to audiobooks and podcasts and you can use Ear Plug mode for the train, plane and other noisier places.

Product SKU 0811071036115
EAN 0811071036115
Brand Shokz
Color White
Material Hard plastic (Polycarbonaat)