AirCard Digital Business Card with AirTag

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Elevate your networking game with the AirCard Digital Bsuiness Card by Rolling Square. This sleek and professional digital business card redefines the way you connect, share information, and leave a lasting impression on clients and partners. Stay up-to-date, stand out, and network effectively with the AirCard.

- Modern and compact design
- Interactive NFC technology for easy sharing
- User-friendly mobile app integration
- Multimedia-rich content options
- Multilingual support for a global audience
- Instant updates for contacts
- Valuable analytical insights
- Future-proof your networking efforts


AirCard™ - Ultra thin wallet tracker, Apple Find My compatible

Transform the way you do business and network with the AirCard from Rolling Square. This advanced digital business card offers an innovative and professional way to connect, share information, and make an impression on potential clients and partners

Compact and Refined Design

The AirCard embodies modernity and professionalism. With its sleek and compact design, it easily fits in your wallet or pocket, ready to make an impression on any occasion.

Interactive NFC Technology

The AirCard uses NFC (Near Field Communication) to enable contactless connectivity. This allows others to easily download your contact information and other essential details from your card with a simple tap on their smartphone.

Mobile App Integration

Manage and customize your digital card effortlessly with Rolling Square's intuitive mobile app. Add new contact details, update your professional information, and personalize your card like never before.

Multimedia-Rich Content

Stand out with a digital card that goes beyond text and static images. Add videos, images, links to your website, and social media profiles, making your card a true representation of who you are and what you do.

Multilingual Support

Reach a global audience with multilingual support on your digital card. Present yourself in different languages and connect with people from around the world.

Direct Connections and Updates

Keep your contacts up-to-date by giving them direct access to your most recent information. When you update your card, your contacts are automatically informed.

Analytical Insights

Gain valuable insights into how your card is used and who has shown interest in your profile. Better understand your network and optimize your business opportunities.

Future-Oriented Networking

With Rolling Square's AirCard, you make an impression no matter where you are. Your digital business identity is always up-to-date and ready to share, resulting in more opportunities and more effective networking connections. Build sustainable business relationships with a tool that adapts to the demands of the modern business world.

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Brand Rolling Square
Color Black