Apple Leather MagSafe Case iPhone 13 Pro Max Dark Cherry

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Looking for a case for your iPhone 13 Pro Max? The Apple Leather MagSafe Case iPhone 13 Pro Max Dark Cherry offers great protection and a unique finish. The original iPhone 13 Pro Max case fits perfectly and exudes absolute class. The leather provides ultimate comfort and reliable protection while using your valuable iPhone. 

Devices Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple Leather MagSafe Case iPhone 13 Pro Max Dark Cherry

An important step after purchasing a smartphone is to ensure protection. Apple has developed its own cases for this purpose, which provide the necessary protection for your iPhone. One of the best cases for your smartphone that also retains the style of the iPhone.

Comfortable Apple case

The fact that the wafer-thin leather Apple case is very thin, does not affect the functionality of your iPhone. The case feels great in your hand and all buttons are easily accessible. You hardly notice that you are using a case, but your iPhone is well protected!

Stylish iPhone Pro Max protection

Both the inside and outside provide super good protection for your iPhone. The inside is finished with super soft microfiber and the outside consists of a comfortable leather layer. This combination ensures that your iPhone can take a beating. The good protection does not detract from your stylish iPhone. The case fits perfectly on your iPhone and is specially designed by Apple to properly match your iPhone.

MagSafe friendly case

Perfectly aligned magnets make wireless charging faster than before. When it's time to charge, simply leave the case on your iPhone and place it on your MagSafe charger or place it on a Qi certified charger.

Durable European leather

The Apple leather case is made from the finest European leather, specially made and tanned so that it feels super comfortable and has a beautiful shine. The leather matches your iPhone perfectly and gives your iPhone an even more unique look.

A unique Apple design

Apple designs not only its iPhones, but also its iPhone cases to perfection. Thousands of hours of testing create the perfect combination of style, protection and comfort woven into this case. Do not wait any longer and enrich your iPhone with an Apple case!

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Devices Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
Brand Apple
Color Purple
Material Leather
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