Apple Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 11 inch / Air 10.9 inch QWERTY US black

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Optimize your efficiency with the Apple Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 11 inch / Air 10.9 inch QWERTY US. This comprehensive keyboard with an integrated trackpad allows you to work professionally with your iPad wherever you go. When you are done, simply fold the keyboard back and it forms a protective case for your iPad. Functionality and protection combined in the most effective way. 

- Complete keyboard and protective case in one
- Keys with background lighting
- Silent typing
- Designed for Multi-Touch and the iPadOS cursor
- Integrated USB-C port for charging, leaving the original port free 
- QWERTY keyboard, default international 

Devices Apple iPad Air (2020 / 4th), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2018 / 1st), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2020 / 2nd), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2021 / 3rd)
Free Shipping

Apple Magic Keyboard iPad Pro 11 inch / Air 10.9 inch QWERTY US black

Looking for the ideal accesory for your iPad Pro 11 inch or iPad Air 10.9? The Magic Keyboard is exactly that. Working professionally on your iPad becomes a lot easier when you equip your iPad with a complete keyboard including an integrated trackpad. Simply attach your iPad to the Magic Keyboard and see how your iPad is elevated above your keyboard due to its floating design. 

Easier typing with an external keyboard for your iPad Pro or iPad Air

Your iPad itself is a powerful device capable of performing endless tasks. Initially designed to be a combination of functionality and mobility the iPad itself lacks an external keyboard and a holder that keeps your iPad up right. This is where the Magic Keyboard comes in. Since the Magic Keyboard is specifically designed by Apple to fit with the iPad Pro 11 inch and iPad Air 10.9, the keyboard case and your iPad fit seemless. The keyboard itself has a 1 mm travel distance between pressing and actually activating the button, which makes it a fast, easy and silent keyboard. Due to this small the travel distance, the case remains thin, making it easy to take with you on the go. 

Integrated trackpad allows you to use a cursor on your iPad

One neat feature of the keyboard is that it has an integrated trackpad. It works similar to trackpads on regular laptops and allows you to use a cursor on your iPad. This trackpad can thus act as a substitute for an external mouse. Furthermore, the trackpad allows for Multi Touch-movements, meaning you can use mulitple fingers at once on your trackpad, so you can easily zoom, swipe or turn the screen while using the trackpad. 

Additional USB-C port specifically for charging

Another example of Apple's sleek and smart design is the extra USB-C port that has been added in the hinge part of the Magic Keyboard. You can plug in your USB-C charging cable here, so your iPad is provided with power, whilst keeping the original USB-C port on the iPad itself free for other accesories. 

US Qwerty keyboard case that also offers protection

The keyboard has the default QWERTY configuration, also known as the US version and is the most-used keyboard configuration worldwide. This means that the key for the number four also contains the dollar sign. When you are done typing, you can simply fold the keyboard over your iPad, after which the keyboard case forms a protective layer that covers back the front and the back of your iPad. So even when you are not using the keyboard, the case still has an important function. 

Change the settings of your trackpad (see picture 7)

The Apple Magic Keyboard comes with the possibility to change the way you use the trackpad. In the settings of your iPad you can choose whether you prefer to click by touch or truly pressing. In picture 7 you can see where to find these settings.

Compatible with: 

- iPad Pro 11 inch 1st generation (2018)
- iPad Pro 11 inch 2nd generation (2020)
- iPad Pro 11 inch 3rd generation (2021)
- iPad Air 4th generation (2020)

System Requirements: 

- iPad Pro 11 inch (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation) or iPad Air (4th generation) with iPadOS 14.5 or higher

EAN 0190199599932
Kind of case / bag Magic Keyboard
Devices Apple iPad Air (2020 / 4th), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2018 / 1st), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2020 / 2nd), Apple iPad Pro 11" (2021 / 3rd)
Brand Apple
Color Black
Encuentre su conexión USB-C
Connection Wireless
Keyboard layout QWERTY US