Apple Smart Battery Case iPhone 11 black

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The Apple Smart Battery Case iPhone 11 black, designed by Apple, is the mobile solution to power and protect your iPhone. It has a soft silicone exterior and a sturdy microfiber lining on the inside. Furthermore, the case is compatible with Lightning accessories, so you never actually have to remove the case from your iPhone. Charge the Smart Battery Case and iPhone wirelessly at the same time with the unique Qi technology.

- Simultaneous wireless charging of iPhone and Smart Battery Case
- Up to 50% longer battery life
- Special camera button processed in case
- iPhone protected

Devices Apple iPhone 11
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Apple Smart Battery Case iPhone 11 black

The Smart Battery Case developed by Apple for the iPhone 11 provides extended battery life while protecting your iPhone 11. Your iPhone and the case together provide up to 33 hours of talk time, up to 21 hours of web browsing and even longer audio and video playback. The case protects your iPhone by a soft microfiber lining on the inside. The exterior is made of silicone that feels good and fits comfortably in your hand. With the design of soft elasitic hinges, you can easily insert and remove the iPhone into the case.

The perfect wireless charger for iPhone
Once attached, the built-in lithium battery provides additional power for your iPhone 11. It is enough to extend the battery life up to 50%. The built-in case battery is Qi-certified, so you can wirelessly charge both your iPhone 11 and the Smart Battery Case at the same time. The case also supports Lightning accessories, so you can charge it even faster with an (optional) USB-PD adapter. These smart features and more make the Apple Smart Battery Case an essential accessory for those who want more from their smartphone protection.

Apple wireless charging case adds more than just extra power to your iPhone
This Apple case has a special camera button that launches the Camera app when you press it, whether the iPhone 11 is locked or unlocked. Press it again to take a photo or long press it for a QuickTake video. It also works with the front camera for selfies. The case is designed to work with your phone and let you know its battery status. When you use the Smart Battery Case, the battery level appears on the iPhone lock screen and in Message Center, so you always know how much charge you have left.

At the same time a silicone iPhone 11 case
The outside of the case is made of silicone material that is soft to the touch. So this case will also protect the iPhone from external scratches and bumps. On the inside of the case is a soft lining of microfiber that protects the original finish. All in all, this is a case that you cannot miss among all your high-tech Apple accessories, especially because of all the functionalities that this case has.

EAN 0190199268104
Kind of case / bag Batterij case
Devices Apple iPhone 11
Brand Apple
Color Black
Material Silicone