Bala Bars 1.5kg punch pink

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The Bala Bars 1.5kg punch pink is a set of weights that can be compared to dumbells but more versatile!

- Non-slip grip
- Compact size
- Modern design

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Bala Bars 1.5kg fitness weights

The Bala Bars 1.5kg pink is a set of weights that can be compared to dumbbells but more versatile! It's time to boost your workouts with the help of the Bala Bars, a sleek and comfortable addition to your workout. Whether your workout takes place outside or in your living room, thanks to the highest quality fitness materials, you can use the Bala Bars anytime.

Get more out of your workouts by adding weight in a comfortable way

The velvet silicone gives the Bala Bars a chic makeover. With each 1.5kg, Bala Bars are designed for both strength and versatility. Unlike traditional dumbbells, Bala Bars have a slim, ergonomic design that distributes weight evenly for a comfortable and user-friendly workout. Bala Bars are designed for walking, strength training, boxing and aerobics.

Product SKU BR-3P-PUNC
EAN 0850018778046
Brand Bala
Color Pink