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Gaming or playing - Whatever you call it, more and more people have discovered this hobby. Even the youngest among us are fascinated by gaming. In order to offer the young gamers the same opportunity, you will find a large selection of game accessories at SB Supply, which are suitable for children and teenagers. A gaming accessory that no gamer should miss is a good gaming chair. In this blog you can read about gaming chairs that are suitable for children, teenagers or people with a smaller physique! In this blog you will read everything about our favorite gaming chairs for kids!

Why should you invest in a gaming chair?

Beginning gamers in particular may wonder whether a gaming chair is really necessary. Of course, the price difference between a gaming chair and a normal office chair may startle you, but it is important to know that a gaming chair is in no way comparable to a standard office chair. Gaming chairs have a large number of advantages, which make them a good investment for any gamer.

Appearance - An eye-catcher in every room

There is no denying that a gaming chair has a great visual impact. Whether it's in the background of a Twitch or YouTube stream or as the highlight of the kids room, a gaming chair immediately catches the eye. Gaming chairs come in many different models, colors and materials. So there is always one that will suit you perfectly. At SB Supply everyone can find the gaming chair they want!

Better posture with a gaming chair

Gaming chairs are designed in such a way that they are ideal for many hours behind the PC. Unlike standard office chairs, a gaming chair offers the right support to prevent complaints. Due to special upholstery, adjustable back, armrests, and adjustable seat height, gaming chairs always ensure that you adopt the correct posture during long working days behind the computer or gaming console, without experiencing neck or back pain.

SB Supply Tip: Especially for children and young people, extra attention should be paid to the sitting position. For someone who is still growing, incorrect sitting posture can have serious consequences.

Is a gaming chair just for gaming?

A gaming chair has many functions and should therefore not be used only for gaming. It can also be very useful in everyday life, such as replacing your current office chair at home, but also at the office. Simply, anyone who spends a lot of time behind the PC can use a gaming chair. It is therefore a very good replacement for a standard office chair. All gaming chairs that we offer at SB Supply can be found here.

Gaming chairs for children

Children and teenagers are starting to play games earlier and earlier. That is why it is important to have the right accessories for the smaller body sizes. A gaming chair is cool, but way too big for a child, which can cause the desire to play quickly disappear or the child can adopt a bad sitting position.

In this blog, we will introduce you to different types of gaming chairs, each of which offers its own advantages and specific features. More information can be found here about the: Gear4U Junior Hero and Nordic Gaming Little Warrior.

Gear4U Junior Hero Gaming Chair For Kids

As the name suggests, the Gear4U Junior Hero gaming chair is a chair specially designed for children. The children's gaming chair has smaller dimensions than the adult models and is therefore perfect for all growing gamers.

Dimensions of the Gear4U Junior Hero gaming chair

Total height: 96-106 cm (adjustable)
Seat height: 42-52 cm (adjustable)
Seat width: 41cm
Length of the seat: 28cm
Backrest angle: 90-180°
Maximum weight: 100 kg
Age group: 6-12 years old

The Junior Hero gaming chair from Gear4U is available in five colors, so you will definitely find a color/design that suits you perfectly. Click on the color to go directly to the product:

Black - Blue - Green - Red - Pink

SB Supply tip: If you have a hard floor at home, it is worth ordering suitable wheels to avoid damage. Here you will find wheels for hard floors.

Nordic Gaming Little Warrior gamer chair for kids

Nordic gaming is a very popular and high-quality brand, which has been present in gaming rooms for many years. There is also a suitable gaming chair from this great brand for the small gamers. The gaming chair has an ergonomic design that also looks good. Become a little hero yourself with the Little Warrior gamer chair from Nordic Gaming.

The Nordic Gaming Little Warrior gaming chair is available in four colors. Click on the color to go directly to this product.

Black - Blue - Green - Red

Dimensions of the Nordic Gaming Little Warrior gamer chair

Total height: 92-102 cm (adjustable)
Seat height: 41-51 cm (adjustable)
Seat width: 43cm
Length of the seat: 45 cm
Backrest angle: 90°
Maximum weight: 100 kg
Can the armrests be adjusted? No
Age group: 6-12 years old

Gaming chair for teenagers

Many brands offer gaming chairs for adults or children. So it can be difficult for teenagers to find a suitable gaming chair for their size. Nordic Gaming has found a solution for this and has developed a series of gaming chairs that are especially suitable for teenagers. You can read all the information about these gaming chairs below.

Nordic Gaming Teen Racer gaming chair

The Teen Racer gaming chair from Nordic Gaming is specially designed for teenagers. The chair has the perfect size for those who are still a little too small for the standard size, but are already too large for the children's size. The gaming chair has an ergonomic design, which makes it very suitable for long gaming sessions. In addition, this chair offers a number of luxurious features that are usually found only on adult chairs. For example, the Teen Racer has a practical cushion in the back and in the neck for extra comfort.

The Nordic Gaming Teen Racer gamer chair is available in three colors. Click on the color to go directly to the product:

Black - Blue - Red

Dimensions of the Nordic Gaming Little Warrior gaming chair

Total height: 122-130 cm (adjustable)
Seat height: 45-53 cm (adjustable)
Seat width: 36 cm
Length of the seat: 51 cm
Backrest angle: 90-180°
Maximum weight: 150 kg
Can the armrests be adjusted? Yes
Age group: 12-16 years old

Overview of the 3 models

Junior Hero  Little Warrior  Teen Racer 

Total height

96-106 cm  92-102 cm  122-130 cm 

Seat height 

42-52 cm  41-51 cm  45-53 cm 

Width of the seat

41 cm  43 cm  36 cm 

Lenght of the seat

28 cm  45 cm  51 cm 

Backrest angle

90-180° 90°  90-180° 

Max. weight

100 kg  100 kg  150 kg 

Armrest adjustable?

 -  No  Yes 

Age group

6-12 years old  6-12 years old  12-16 years old
Available colors




Gaming chairs for kids, teens, and adults

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