Bold Smart Lock Connect Black

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The Bold Connect is a bridge to connect your Bold Smart Lock with the internet, designed for remote access monitoring and control where keys are no longer needed.

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Bold Smart Lock Connect Black

Here are the features of the Bold Smart Lock Connect Black:

  • Remotely activating your Bold Smart Lock from any location from your mobile app
  • Monitoring or getting notified of all lock activities (i.e. PIN activations and battery level status)
  • Option to start using the web portal to easily manage your access solution
  • Considerable freedom of placement for installation
  • Enables the connection of multiple locks to one Bold Connect
  • Easy set-up as available locks are automatically discovered
  • End-to-end data encryption on all connected devices
  • Two-factor user and device authentication
Product SKU 100196
EAN 8719992868735
Brand Bold Smart Lock
Color Black