Casecentive 3D full cover glass Apple Watch 40mm Screen protector

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The Casecentive 3D full cover screen protector prevents scratches and cracks on your Apple Watch screen. Thanks to the black edges around the screenprotector it is almost invisible on your Apple Watch 40mm.

- Easy to apply
- Bubble-free guarantee
- Resistant to scratches and bumps
- Made of crystal-clear glass
- Grease-resistant and anti-fingerprint
- PMMA glass with a hardness of 9H

Devices Apple Watch 40mm

Casecentive 3D full cover glass Apple Watch 40mm Screen protector

Since the introduction of the Apple Watch, more and more people are convinced of its ground breaking features. Since the Apple Watch is always on your wrist, it can easily be damaged. Scratches and bumps are almost inevitable for many users. Of course you want to avoid spending hundreds of euros on a new Apple Watch screen. With the Casecentive 3D full cover glass, your Apple Watch 40mm is fully protected against deep / light scratches, bumps and drops. 

The best screen protector for your Apple Watch

The Casecentive 3D full cover glass is made of real tempered PMMA glass. This offers much more protection than a regular plastic screen protector. In case of a hard impact the screen protector will take the hit instead of your Apple Watch screen. A lot cheaper to replace. The PMMA glass is known for its incomparable hardness of up to 9H! 

A 3D Apple Watch screen protector with edge-to-edge cover

The 3D Watch screenprotector from Casecentive comes with the famous edge to edge protection. This simply means that the entire screen is covered by the glass up to the corners. The black edges around the screenprotector are not even noticeable. This way you retain maximum user experience and functionality of your Apple Watch 40mm. 

Anti-fingerprint Apple Watch screen protector 

The 3D full cover glass has an anti-fingerprint layer, which prevents you from leaving grease marks when you operate your Apple Watch via the touch screen. Despite the tempered glass screen protector, your Apple Watch retains its original touch sensitivity and classy appearance. You don't want to notice anything from your screen protector.

Applying a screen protector on an Apple Watch

Applying the Casecentive 3D full cover glass to your Apple Watch is easy, but requires some focus. Before you start, it is important that you make the screen completely dust and grease free. This prevents dirt from getting between the screen protector and your Apple Watch screen. Casecentive has therefore put various cleaning items in the package ''see package contents''. Start at the bottom and gradually press the screen protector upwards over the screen. Should any bubbles appear, use the microfibre cloth to push the screen protector to the edge of your screen and let any air escape.

Package contents:

- 1x screen protector for Apple Watch 40mm
- 1x cleaning cloth
- 1x Microfibre cloth
- 1x Dust remover

Tip from SB Supply: Make sure your Apple Watch screen is cleaned before placing the screen protector.

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Devices Apple Watch 40mm
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