Casecentive Glass Screenprotector 3D full cover iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 Pro

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The solution for preventing scratches and cracks in your screen has arrived! Thanks to the black border around the Casecentive Glass 3D Full Cover you won't even notice that there is a screen protector on your iPhone 13 / 13 Pro .

- Guaranteed bubble-free 
- Works great with Face ID
- Made from crystal clear glass
Grease-repellent and anti-fingerprint
- Asahi glass with a hardness of 9H
- Resistant to scratches 
- Easily installed within 8 seconds

Devices Apple iPhone 13, Apple iPhone 13 Pro
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Casecentive Glass Screenprotector 3D full cover iPhone 13 / 13 Pro

The smartphone is now a very important part of our lives. Since we use our phones more and more, we run a higher risk of our phones getting damaged. In addition, you want to avoid having to spend hundreds of euros on a new iPhone screen. This Casecentive Tempered Glass Screen Protector ensures that your iPhone screen is protected against deep / light scratches, bumps and drops. Before use, it is recommended to research how to install the screen protector to get the best possible result.

The versatile screen protector from Casecentive

The Casecentive 3D Screen Protector consists of several layers and is made of real (tempered) glass. A glass screen protector offers better protection than a regular plastic screen protector. For example, a glass screen protector is scratch-free and prevents fingerprints on the touchscreen. The different layers (''see photo at the bottom of description'') of the screen protector are made of crystal clear Asahi glass. This Japanese Asahi glass is known for its incomparable hardness of up to 9H. This means that your keys can no longer cause damage to the iPhone 13 / 13 Pro screen.

A 3D protective glass with edge to edge protection

This Casecentive Screen Protector comes with the so-called edge to edge protection. This means that the entire screen is covered up to the corners with the glass screenprotector. Because the edges are black, the screen protector is not even noticeable. Unlike a 2D screen protector, the edge to edge protection ensures that there are no tangible and visible edges. This way you retain the functionality and user experience of your iPhone 13 / 13 Pro. The ideal protection if you ask us!

Applying a screen protector

Applying the Casecentive Tempered Glass Screen Protector is easy, but does require some concentration. First check whether you have purchased the correct screen protector for your smartphone. Before applying the Casecentive glass screen protector, it is important to completely free your screen from dust and grease. Various cleaning agents are therefore supplied in the packaging ''see package contents''. Start at the bottom and slowly press the screen protector from bottom to top against the screen. If bubbles form, use the microfiber cloth to push it to the edge and let the air escape.

Screen protector with anti-scratch layer

The screen protector adds a super strong glass layer that is very scratch resistant. Because the glass is hardened, it holds itself together, even when cracked or broken. This ensures that you do not have to worry about any glass shards falling off. This 3D Casecentive screen protector is also 'case friendly'. This means that the outer edges of the iPhone are not covered by the screen protector, so any case should fit.

Package content:

- 1x screen protector
- 1x cleaning cloth
- 1x microfibre cloth
- 1x dust remover

Tip from SB Supply: Make sure your iPhone screen is cleaned very well before you place the screen protector.

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Devices Apple iPhone 13, Apple iPhone 13 Pro
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