Casecentive Leather Wallet Back case iPhone 13 tan


The Casecentive Leather Wallet Back case iPhone 13  tan offers protection where you need it and it even comes with a handy card holder. This way you always have your most important belongings within reach.

- PU leather finished for a good grip
- Extra thin and lightweight
- Ports and buttons remain accessible
- Space for several cards and bills
- Made of high quality PU leather

Devices Apple iPhone 13

Casecentive Leather Wallet Back case iPhone 13 tan

The Leather Wallet Back case series from Casecentive brings functionality and design together. The case is easy to use and offers the necessary protection to keep your iPhone 13  as good as new. All buttons and ports have the openings free, so that the case does not affect the functionality of your iPhone. The case is very thin and only covers the back of the iPhone 13 Pro. This gives you the most user-friendly case on the market!

iPhone case with a card holder on the back

At the back of the Leather wallet Back case, 3 card slots have been created in which you can store your most important cards or some bills. This way you can leave your wallet at home from now on and you always have your most important belongings at hand.

Leather iPhone 13  case

Casecentive has succeeded in making a case that has the best of both worlds, a premium design and optimal protection. Because the edges protrude a little above the screen, scratches can be prevented. The leather also provides a good and comfortable grip.

Product SKU 8720153793841
EAN 8720153793841
Kind of case / bag Back case (achterkant), Wallet case
Devices Apple iPhone 13
Brand Casecentive
Color Beige
Material PU leather