Casecentive Smart Case Tri-Fold with Pencil Holder iPad 10.9" (2022) transparent

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The Casecentive Smart Case Tri-Fold with Pencil Holder iPad 10.9" (2022) transparent is a protective case for your iPad 10.9" (2022). The cover protects your iPad against damage caused by drops, bumps or scratches. The sleek design fits seamlessly with the characteristic, minimalist design of your iPad.

- Excellent protection for your iPad
- Front of the cover converts to a tablet holder
- Sleek and transparent design
- Includes holder for Apple Pencil
- iPad opens automatically when opening the front
- Cutouts around entrances and ports

Devices Apple iPad 10.9" (2022 / 10th)

Casecentive Smart Case Tri-Fold with Pencil Holder iPad 10.9" (2022) transparent

Good protection for your iPad 10.9" (2022) is essential. After all, you want to enjoy your iPad as long as possible, without complications arising as a result of damage. Although an accident is a small corner, the consequences of a possible fall, bump, or scratch can be serious. A good cover helps against possible damage.

Affordable case that protects with built-in tablet holder

Casecentive has been offering good protection for mobile phones and tablets for years, combined with simple, yet useful features. The Smart Case Tri-Fold is no exception. This iPad case is a so-called "Tri-Fold" case, which simply means that you can fold the flap that covers the screen three times into a kind of triangular tablet holder. This allows you to place your iPad horizontally upright, which is useful, for example, when you want to use the iPad as a second screen, watch a movie or show a presentation. Another handy feature is that when you close the flap at the front, the iPad immediately goes into sleep mode, which improves battery life. Open the cover again and your iPad will open up automatically.

Clear iPad case with holder for Apple stylus pencil

The Apple Pencil is a popular accessory among creatives and those who use their iPad for daily work. The pencil gives you the feeling of holding a real pen or pencil and thus promotes your effectiveness when creating art on your iPad or when performing your work. Unfortunately, the Apple Pencil is only a small object, so you can easily lose it. Thanks to the integrated pencil holder, you always have your Apple stylus close to your iPad.

Elegantly designed case for your new iPad 

One of the most loved features of the iPad is its minimalist, elegant design. When you use a cover to protect your iPad, this often means that it comes at the expense of the classic Apple look. Fortunately, this cover also has a sleek look and is made of thin yet sturdy material, so that the iPad does not immediately become a bulky and bulky device. Due to its transparent appearance, the classic Apple design remains visible.

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Devices Apple iPad 10.9" (2022 / 10th)
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