The ultimate goal of Cheerble is to be a 'Cheering Pets Up' company, creating products that genuinely enhance the lives of pets and their owners. Their mission is to simplify complex technology and offer user-friendly gadgets to pet parents. Guided by the principle of 'form follows function,' Cheerble's products seamlessly blend cutting-edge innovation with dynamic designs.

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Cheerble, a brand born out of a profound love for our furry companions, was founded by a group of passionate 'pawrents' in 2017. The story began when they realized there was a scarcity of smart products in the market that could engage their beloved pets in playtime with them. Driven by their deep affection for animals, they embarked on a mission to explore new avenues of interaction between pets and their human companions.

A vision for pet's happiness and health with playfull approach

Months of extensive research and analysis led them to dive into the world of smart pet gadgets. Thus, the journey of Cheerble commenced with a clear vision – to create products that bring joy and excitement to pets. They have always remained committed to the motto of 'Pet Oriented, Human Oriented,' dedicated to crafting innovative pet products through diligent focus, creative thinking, and going the extra mile.

Innovating pet play that goes beyond traditional toys

At Cheerble, innovation has been at the heart of their entrepreneurial spirit. From the outset, they set out to develop products that went beyond traditional toys like frisbees or fetch balls. They envisioned a world where cats and dogs could enjoy tech-forward, engaging playtime with smart toys like the M1 Ball for cats, the Wicked Ball SE for small dogs and the Wicked Ball PE for larger dogs. These are interactive toy balls that responds to various touch interactions and can be set in different modes.