Do you want an individual and immersive music experience? Then these wireless earbuds from Defunc are perfect for you. Going for a run in the morning or watching a series in the evening? Anything is possible with this innovative and functional design. Take a look at the assortment of Defunc at SB Supply!

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Since 2015, Defunc has had only 1 goal: To make it easier to find the right earbuds in a maze-like earphone market. The brand has four original earphone models in three price categories, Music, Talk, Sport and Hybrid.

Defunc True Sport

Do you really want an activity buddy that's always there for you? Then the Defunc TRUE SPORT is for you. The earbuds are IPX5 water and sweat resistant, have a nano coating and ergonomic MultiTip™️ design. The combination of long-lasting comfort and powerful sound, supports any activity. This way you're always ready, no matter what action you take.

Defunc True Talk

Ready for crystal clear conversations? Then the Defunc TRUE TALK is for you. With Pure Voice™️ Bone Conductor Sensor Technology, these earbuds detect the vibrations of your jaw movement when you are talking. In addition, disruptive background noises such as wind and traffic are automatically reduced. Now you are ready for any conversation at any time.

True wireless earbuds

The True wireless earbuds are tailored to the modern and real way of life so you get the right sound at the right time. The 7 different True wireless earbuds models are designed to perform excellently in seven different ways. With Defunc, it's time to really improve your wireless life.