All questions about the Joy Factory can be found here - usage, issues and solutions

The Joy factory is a very helpful and innovative company that offers a bunch of solutions. They decided to create user-friendly accessories to simplify your tasks, no matter what sector you work in! From restaurants to factories, warehouses and transportion, there is something for everyone!

Q: What's the difference between MP, MPS and MPA?

The lock compatibility is the distinction between MP and MPS cases. The MP cases are MagConnect compatible and include a built-in rotating module, as well as an extendible stand and an adjustable wrist strap. To protect your investment, MPS cases have a locking mechanism on top of the MagConnect. Without losing full drop, scratch, and splash protection, you may enjoy a secure case with a rotating hand strap, multi-angle bracket, and tablet attachment port.

The MPA, on the other hand, is comparable to the MP except for the material used. The MPA is designed specifically for the healthcare industry, as it contains IonPure®, an antibacterial agent that helps to prevent bacteria and mold formation. The case can also be used with medical-grade wipes to comply with healthcare and hospital safety rules.

So in short:

- MP: regular version
- MPS: compatible with a security lock cable
- MPA: MP + for the medical industry

Q: What is the MagConnect feature?

The MagConnect technology is a powerful, secure, and sturdy magnetic connection that allows any tablet device to be correctly displayed. The magnetic power of these magnets is ten times that of a standard magnet, allowing for multi-angle positioning. Each mount has its own mount base that allows it to work in a number of permanently fixed or temporary configurations for flat and circular surfaces across a wide range of industries. Each mount has a proprietary magnetic connector that makes it easy to attach and detach the tablet. High-quality carbon fibre arms are used to make the mounts. This cutting-edge material is remarkably light while being quite robust. Mounts that are both easy to operate and durable to use are made possible by the powerful mix of carbon fibre and properly constructed joints.

Q: Are the cases waterproof? 

All of the cases in the Joy Factory aXtion Pro range are Waterproof, while the others are water resistant. With an IP68 rating, the aXtion Pro case range is completely waterproof. The tablet's use ranges from factory production lines to outdoor labour sites thanks to its waterproof certification. This is because the phrase "waterproof" normally implies that the condition is permanent, and that whatever has been "waterproofed" would never fail when exposed to water, regardless of the circumstances. Just be wary of claims that something is waterproof simply because it floats in water.

So in short:

- aXtion Pro: waterproof
- the other cases: water resistant

Q: What’s their IP testing? 

The IP rating, or Ingress Protection Rating, is a popular and technical term for air and water tightness certifications. The majority of Joy Factory cases have an IP of 65, which indicates they are water resistant but will not withstand being submerged entirely. The aXtion Pro M cases, on the other hand, have an IP68 rating and can be immersed 12 inches / 30 cm underwater for an hour without causing iPad water damage.

Q: Can I buy the security lock system on its own? 

Yes, you may purchase the security lock system separately, but you should be aware that it is also included in the bundle.

View the Joy Factory LockDown Key Cable Lock Kit 1.8m here.
View the Joy Factory LockDown Combination Cable Lock 1.8m here.

Q: Is it possible to use my old MagConnect in a new case? 

Yes, if you currently own a MagConnect and wish to use it with a new device, you simply need to purchase a new case that fits your device. This is one of the benefits of Joy Factory: you may reuse various items for multiple purposes and for an extended period of time!

Q: Is there a MagConnect that can be used on a wheelchair? 

Yes, there are currently two MagConnect products created specifically for the wheelchair, the MagConnect Wheelchair Rail Mount Only and the MagConnect Wheelchair Mount Only

View the Joy Factory MagConnect Wheelchair tablet holder here.

Q: What's the difference between the MagConnect Wheelchair Rail Mount Only and the MagConnect Wheelchair Mount Only? 

The difference starts with the name of the products, one is called the Rail Mount and the other Mount. The Rail Mount only MagConnect includes hardware designed to easily attach and detach a device from the mount. The Mount Only does not allow much more freedom of movement than the Rail, but it can be easily folded away when not in use.

Q: How can I clean my Joy Factory case?

To clean all of your Joy factory products, simply use disinfecting wipes and make small movements to clean everything thoroughly. Use a new wipe to clean the inside and outside of the case, then let the case air dry before placing the tablet in it.

Q: Are the Joy Factory products environmentally friendly?

Yes, since its establishment, the Joy factory has been committed to environmental stewardship. For all of their cases and mounts, they employ reusable and recyclable packaging. In addition, they only use about 20% of the material in their Mount packing. Finally, all of their packaging is recyclable (if it isn't reusable), so you can feel good about every purchase you make from The Joy Factory.

Q: Can the Joy Factory be used in heathcare?

Absolutely, the MPA series of Joy Factory are very suitable for healthcare. Besides the sterile, white look, these cases come with a special antibacterial layer. This helps to prevent the formation of bacteria and mold on the case. These cases are not only great because of the antibacterial feature, but also because of the integrated hand strap as well as the MagConnect feature. Now doctors or medical assistants can easily walk around while having their tablet in just one hand.

iPad and tablets can be used in medical facilities for:

  • Check-in kiosks
  • Digital medical records
  • Interactive entertainment
  • Improved patient care

View the Joy Factory aXtion Pro MPA Antimicrobial Surface Go white here.
View the Joy Factory aXtion Pro MA Surface Pro 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 grey here.
View the Joy Factory aXtion VESA MPA Module here.

Q: Can the Joy Factory be used in the food service industry?

The cases of Joy Factory are also perfect for the hospitality industry. Easily take orders, attach the tablet to the wall for dish information or use the Joy Factory mounts to use a tablet as a cash register system.

iPad and tablets can be used in the hospitality industry for:

  • Self serve kiosk
  • Digital menu’s
  • Interactive service
  • Connectivity on demand

Q: Can the Joy Factory be used in education?

The Joy Factory can also be a solution in education. Thanks to the extra thick cases and integration for locks, it becomes extra attractive to use tablets in classrooms. Both for students and teachers.

iPad and tablets can be used in education for:

  • Writing down notes
  • Downloading and reading e-books
  • Teaching while having the iPad in the other hand
  • Interactive entertainment