Galaxy S21 Plus cases

Protect your brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus from scratches, drops and water damage with SB Supply's stylish and protective cases. We have the best brands, like the outdoor specialist Urban Armor Gear, to ensure the safety of your phone and make it worth the investment. But it certainly can get a little fancier, because we also have real leather cases in our range. The brand dbramante1928 for example has leather cases of great quality with an elegant design. We have a large selection of different Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus cases and other accessories, so take a look around!

Galaxy S21 Plus cases

As we use our smartphones more and more, so it is essential that we protect them properly. At SB Supply, you will find an extensive collection of different types of cases. Choose the style that suits you best and enjoy unparalleled protection for your Galaxy S21 Plus.

Give your Samsung a whole new look

Your new Galaxy S21 Plus deserves a unique look. Therefore, always choose a case that suits your style and taste. At SB Supply you have a wide choice of colours, materials and prints. Are you going for a simple silicone case or are you more of the authentic leather wallet cases? With our transparent cases, the special design of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, the colour and the famous Samsung logo will always be visible.

Leather cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Cases that are characterised by luxury and detail. The leather cases for the Galaxy S21 Plus are often handmade and develop a beautiful patina over time. The detailed finish creates a special and chic look. Besides appearance, protection also plays an important role: the inside is softly lined so that the precious screen of your Galaxy S21 Plus remains free from scratches and dirt.

Functional Galaxy S21 Plus cases

Many of our cases have a soft interior lining to keep your Galaxy S21 Plus screen free from scratches and dirt. Despite the tight protection of our cases, all functions such as keys, connectors and camera remain free to use. One of our favourites is the Copenhagen Slim series by dbramante1928. It comes with a built-in wallet / card holder. From now on, you will always have your most important cards within reach.

Looking for extreme protection for the Galaxy S21 Plus?

SB Supply has several types of cases that offer extreme protection. Brands such as Casecentive, Griffin and UAG are often loved for their appearance and better protection. These cases consist of multiple layers of silicone, durable plastic and sometimes even rubber. Because the cases consist of multiple layers, it can absorb and dampen shocks and bumps. A case like this is therefore often used in construction, catering or in the office. Some cases even come with an integrated screen protector.