Griffin Survivor Endurance Magsafe Hardcase iPhone 13 Mini black / gray

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Prevent damage to your iPhone with the Griffin Survivor Endurance Magsafe Backcase for the iPhone 13 Mini. Thanks to this strong case from the renowned Griffin brand your phone is well protected against drops, bumps and scratches. This robust, but finely finished case fits comfortably in the hand and ensures optimal protection thanks to the 3 shock-absorbing layers. 

- Fall protection up to 4.25 meters
- Shock absorbing
- Raised edges prevent direct contact between screen and surface in case of a fall
- Antimicrobial protection
- Scratch resistant
- Compatible with wireless charging and MagSafe
- Sturdy case, but thin and ergonomically designed
- Case and packaging made from recycled material

Devices Apple iPhone 13 Mini

Griffin Survivor Endurance MagSafe Backcase iPhone 13 Mini black / gray

The importance of good protection for an iPhone is clear: damage to your iPhone is the last thing you want. Whether it's a small crack somewhere in the corner of your screen or a broken part that makes your entire iPhone no longer function. Damage is always a shame, especially if this could have been prevented. Especially when you look at how many times a day you use your phone, it goes without saying that your iPhone needs good protection. Choosing the right cover helps.

Strong and sturdy case for your iPhone 13 Mini, with a slim design

Griffin has been known for years for their high quality in the production of cases. The models from the Endurance line are no exception. This Griffin cover has a 3-layer protection. These 3 unique layers make the cover shock-absorbing, which ensures that in the event of an accident, the cover absorbs the biggest blow instead of your iPhone. The Endurance case meets the military standard MIL-STD-810G, which means that the case can withstand a drop of up to 4.25 meters. What you regularly see with covers that offer such a degree of protection is that the cover becomes very large and bulky in size, which does not benefit the ease of use. Griffin has corrected this with the Endurance covers, which leads to a slim cover that also fits comfortably in the hand. 

Revolutionary iPhone case made from recycled materials 

Not only in terms of protection, this iPhone case distinguishes itself, Griffin also scores high on points such as ease of use, durability and hygiene. The material of the cover provides a particularly firm grip, while  the cover has an antimicrobial coating that repels bacteria and viruses. Furthermore, both the cover and its packaging are made of recycled material. When you are no longer going to use the cover, Griffin offers you the option to hand over your cover to them and they will have this case recycled again. 

Charging a cover especially for Magsafe

This Griffin back case has a special back that makes it suitable for charging via MagSafe.

Product SKU GIP-077-BLG
EAN 0191058143488
Kind of case / bag Back case (achterkant), Extreme bescherming
Devices Apple iPhone 13 Mini
Brand Griffin
Color Multicolor