Havit RGB Gaming Headset

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Always wanted to upgrade your headset to a higher level? Then choose the Havit RGB Gaming Headset! This headset has built-in RGB lighting, which gives a beautiful effect. Besides looking cool and professional, this headset feels very comfortable.

- Built-in RGB lighting
- Adjustable size
- 3D surround sound
- Background noise reduction
- Built-in microphone


Havit RGB Gaming Headset

Gaming Headset with built-in RGB lighting

Whether you play a lot or little, every gamer knows that a good set-up is important. With this Havit RGB Gaming Headset you will achieve a pro gamer's gaming set-up. This headset has built-in lighting, which of course looks very cool. Do you want to have a professional appearance, just like many great gamers? Then choose the Havit RGB Gaming Headset!

Comfortable gaming headphones

You know the feeling: after an hour of gaming, your headset starts to irritate. While you're just enjoying your game, your ears start hurting more and more because your headset doesn't sit well anymore. This is not the case with the Havit RGB Gaming Headset. Thanks to the adjustable bridge you can put the headset in the perfect shape and the soft parts around your ear provide even more comfort during gaming. Because the headset is lightweight, you hardly notice that you are wearing it. Another great feature of the gaming headset is the fact that it cancels background noise, so that the sounds from your game sound even better and you can fully immerse yourself in the game. In short, do you want the best for yourself and impress others with your headset? The Havit RGB Gaming Headset makes it possible!

Product SKU H2019U
EAN 6939119025892
Brand Havit
Color Black