HerQs EasyBBQ Pro

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The HerQs EasyBBQ Pro is an advanced wireless barbecue thermometer for accurate temperature readings and perfectly prepared barbecue.

- Wireless connectivity allows temperature readings to be monitored from anywhere in the garden.
- Built-in alarms alert when food has reached the desired temperature.
- The EasyBBQ Pro app allows users to track the progress of the cooking process and save recipes for future use.

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HerQs EasyBBQ Pro

With the EasyBBQ pro from HerQs you never have to guess while grilling again. From now on you can grill and barbecue with the precision of a real chef and put food on the table with confidence, prepared to perfection. Just a glimpse on your phone or the smart thermometer and you know exactly how well your food is done. The alarm functions ensure that you can relax and enjoy the moments with your family or friends and you will never have such an 'oops, dinner' moment again.

Easy BBQ app

This allows you to determine which pre-set grill time you need for your food. Or you can of course determine the desired times and temperatures all by yourself. The EasyBBQ app shows you the current and target temperature, but you can also keep an eye on the progress via the temperature progression graphs. You can monitor up to 6 different temperature probes at the same time. To make it even easier for you, you can determine when you want to receive which notifications. Discover for yourself what else is possible with the EasyBBQ app. And of course we ensure that the app remains free and is always up to date.

Use tips for the Easy BBQ Pro

-Use the supplied clamp to measure the temperature of your barbecue yourself with a probe to start the preparation at the perfect time.
-The professional stainless steel temperature sensors can handle higher temperatures than most silicone versions. So use your EasyBBQ for your cooking skills in the oven.
-Don't forget that with the integrated magnet in the back you can hang the EasyBBQ wherever it suits you best.

Temperature range

- Peak temperatures: 1-350°C / 33 – 572°F
- Continuous temperatures: 1-250°C / 33 – 482°F


- Deviation: 1% / 2%
- Power: 2 x AA batteries (included)
- Battery life: 200 hours
- Display: the illuminated screen of the EasyBBQ and the screen of your connected device
- Alarm: can be set for: highest and lowest temperatures, a certain temperature range or kitchen timer.
- Preset: rare, medium rare, medium, medium well done, well done for different types of meat.
- Wireless range indoors: 30 meters
- Wireless range outside: 60 meters

Supported devices

- iPhone 4S or later models
- iPod touch 5th
- iPad 3rd generation or later models
- All generations of Ipad mini
- Android devices with version 4.3 or newer, with bluetooth 4.0 module.


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