iPad 10.2 2019 / 2020 health products

For (prospective) fitness and health conscious people

iPad 10.2 health products make it possible to keep an eye on your health at all times. Whether you want to know how much you weigh or track your blood glucose levels over time, it is now possible! Our iPad health accessories from brands like iHealth and Withings can be very valuable when it comes to tracking your health with a simple touch on a screen.

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Health accessories for iPad 10.2

Power Meter

The combination of technology and outdoor sport - this is possible with the new Power Meter! Power Meters are small computers that you can connect to your foot during your run, for example, and thus have access to a wide range of data and information relating to your training! From speed data to wind data, with a Power Meter you always know exactly which influences have improved or worsened your training, so that you can concentrate fully on your physical performance!

Measure your blood pressure

Hypertension cannot be felt, heard or seen. That's why it's important to measure it regularly - especially for people who know they suffer from chronic high or low blood pressure. With the devices on this page, you can use your iPad 10.2 as a blood pressure monitor. That way you can see your health at a glance and give your doctor concrete values, for example with the iHealth blood pressure monitor.

Watch your weight

Losing weight as well as gaining weight can be a big topic and an intention that often floats around in a person's head and makes it necessary to step on the scales every day. But the whole thing can be much easier - with the stylish body scales from iHealth. Not only can you leave the monitoring to the app, but you can also get other data such as your body fat percentage.