iPhone 12 Pro Max Pen

Apple Pencil for your iPhone 12 Pro Max?

When Apple launched the Apple Pencil three years ago, one of the first things most people thought was: how expensive! Many companies have already responded to this. Griffin and Casecentive, among others, offer perfect protection for the expensive iPhone. The Apple Pencil of course has much more functionality, which makes it also more expensive. Check out the range of stylus pens for your iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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Apple Pencil Compatibility

The 1st generation Apple Pencil will not work on the 2020 iPad Pro models; and the latest version will not work on older iPads. It's a bit crazy, but both the operation and charging of the Apple Pencil have changed. The unique way of charging the first Appe Pencil is gone. You had to remove the cap and plug it into a Lightning port (on an iPad or iPhone). This posed too many risks, where you could damage both devices, for example.

Now the Apple Pencil connects magnetically to one side of the iPad Pro and charges through the iPad Pro. This is super convenient, also to easily carry your Apple Pencil with your iPad. 

Alternative stylus pens

The Apple Pencil is very expensive! Therefore we have cheaper alternatives. Some are very simple, but also affordable. Others are a bit more expensive, but also offer more functionality. Make your choice above!