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Health and Fitness Accessories for iPhone 12 Pro

It's a trend that has been around for years: combining your smartphone with all kinds of health and fitness gadgets. It is a market that continues to develop, with brands such as Stryd and Wahoo Fitness leading the way with their innovative accessories and gadgets. Meanwhile, most smartphones are already equipped with standard features such as pedometers, but these gadgets take you a level further and give you a clear insight into your physical state. Your workouts will never be the same again. There are endless gadgets available for your smartphone. At SB Supply we have made a selection of the best gadgets to go with your iPhone 12 Pro. Whether it is for medical, sport or home use, we have it all! Check out which accessory will make your smartphone experience even more complete. If you're not sure, you can always contact one of our experts.

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Apple Health

In recent years, smart scales, fitness monitors, exercise bikes and even smart thermometers have been developed to constantly monitor your health. However, not all the data collected by these devices is equally useful, as this varies from person to person. That's where Apple's health app comes in. It gives a good picture of your health, fully personnalized according to your data. It has multiple dashboards for activity, sleep, nutrition, and so on. The more devices you connect to your smartphone, the more data is collected that gives a clear picture of your physical condition.

What fitness gadget should I buy?

The advanced fitness technology offered by the latest fitness gadgets allows you to track every aspect of your workout. In addition, they usually provide a good body analysis, so you can focus on both strengths and weaknesses. You will get a good insight into your progress and productivity. Which fitness accessory should you buy? That remains a very personal question. It depends on your fitness goals, among other things.

Keeping track of your goals can be a daunting task, especially when you're looking at optimising for example breathing, hydration, heart rate, calorie intake and other data. Smart fitness devices help you achieve these goals and monitor them to the desired level. If you are a professional athlete, the above gadgets will take you to an even higher level.