iPhone 15 screenprotectors

Protect Your iPhone 15 with a High-Quality Screen Protector

When purchasing a new phone, like the iPhone 15, it's highly advisable to invest in a screen protector. Nothing is as frustrating as having a brand-new screen get damaged by a crack right away. It's all too common for people to think they can do without one, only to find themselves back at the store for a new phone with a broken screen a few weeks later. At SB Supply, we've got you covered! We offer excellent screen protectors at a great price, ensuring your precious iPhone 15 is always well-protected. Our Casecentive screen protectors come highly recommended with excellent value for money. We always keep them in stock, so there's one available for you. Order a screen protector now and give your iPhone 15 the protection it deserves.

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Take advantage of wireless charging and simplify your life with a Qi charger for your iPhone 15. Explore our selection below and experience the comfort of wireless charging!

The benefits of wireless charging

Wireless charging offers numerous advantages for your iPhone 15. It's not only convenient but also much more sustainable. No more dealing with broken cables or loose connectors. With a Qi charger, you have a reliable and efficient way to charge your phone, every time.

Simplicity and convenience

Wirelessly charging your iPhone 15 is a matter of simplicity and convenience. Just place your phone on the Qi charger, and charging starts automatically. No fuss with connections and no hassle with cables. It's the ultimate way to charge your phone quickly and effortlessly, so you can get back to your activities right away.

Find the perfect Qi charger for your iPhone 15

Discover our range of high-quality Qi chargers and choose the perfect option for your iPhone 15. With wireless charging, you'll enjoy a future without wires, where convenience and efficiency come together.