Introducing the Lumi Ice Bath - the perfect solution for your post-workout recovery. Crafted with innovative design and premium materials, the Lumi Ice Bath ensures an optimal and refreshing way to soothe those tired muscles after an intense workout session. The Lumi Ice Bath's smart engineering maintains the ideal temperature for an extended period, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing and revitalizing ice bath experience without any hassle.  Experience the ultimate recovery with the Lumi Ice Bath - your go-to choice for rejuvenating your body after workouts.

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Lumi Ice Water Therapy

A trailblazer in the world of sports therapy and wellness. Since the inception as one of the pioneering online retailers of portable ice baths, Lumi Therapy has redefined the market with our groundbreaking product—the Lumi Recovery Pod™ Ice Bath.

The flagship Lumi Recovery Pod™ Ice Bath has transformed the way athletes and enthusiasts approach recovery. This portable marvel unlocks the myriad benefits of cold water therapy, heralding reduced inflammation, heightened circulation, and accelerated muscle recovery. Its innovative design ensures a convenient and effective means to immerse yourself in the rejuvenating power of cold water therapy, whenever and wherever you desire.

The Ice Bath with optimal portability

Lumi Therapy redefines the game in sports therapy and recovery with the best portable ice baths. The commitment to innovation and convenience led to the creation of the Lumi Recovery Pod™ Ice Bath—an embodiment of portability and efficiency. 

Gone are the days of being confined to fixed locations for your recovery routine. With the portable ice baths, you can experience the revitalizing benefits of cold water therapy wherever you go. The Lumi Recovery Pod™ Ice Bath ensures that reduced inflammation, improved circulation, and accelerated muscle recovery are not limited by space or time.

The health benefits of cold water dipping like reduced inflammation, heightened circulation and accelerated muscle recovery 

Cold water dips are gaining popularity for their healing benefits. Spas, clinics, and sports centers offer this therapy more frequently. It boosts blood circulation, lowers high blood pressure, and strengthens the immune system.

For athletes, taking a dip in cold water does wonders. It boosts their heart health, helps them recover faster, and cools down their bodies after tough workouts in the heat. Even those achy muscles after a workout can feel better with an ice bath.

You don't have to be an athlete or go to fancy places for this. Doing cold water dips at home is a great way for anyone to feel better and help their body heal naturally.