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Tabletop stands are often used as information columns during trade fairs, conferences and in museums. Solid security for these information columns, or tablets, is of course essential. Everything for the ideal tablet stand. From table stand for the iPad to floor stand for the Galaxy Tab. SB Supply carries different models with different accessories like locks, cables and tilt units. For every situation, a suitable tablet floor stand! The Maclocks stands are used by car dealers, banks, airlines, stand builders, hospitals and government institutions worldwide. We at SB Supply offer a fitting stand for every occasion. Set the standard with our Maclocks!

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Maclocks kabelslot Wedge Lock

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Anti-theft protection for Samsung Galaxy tablet and iPad

A fixed tablet holder is the ideal solution to enhance the customer experience in your shop. An iPad lock is a cable that secures your tablet when you use it in your shop or business. It is a very useful accessory that comes in a variety of materials and security levels. Maclocks is a best-selling brand at SB Supply. The Maclocks security cable and anti-theft system for tablets gives you a level of security you won't find anywhere else. 

Anti-theft mounts for iPad and Samsung

Anti-theft holders are display cases or showcases in which you can place your Samsung tablet or iPad. Especially useful for conferences or e-commerce fairs. This showcase makes it easy for you to collect data and display your products and services securely without worrying about theft attempts. It can also be used in hotels for self-check-in or to book a romantic dinner in restaurants.

High-quality security and display solutions for schools and universities

While no one (anywhere in the world) can know for sure exactly what this year will look like and, more importantly, whether it will be classroom, distance learning or a combination of both, one thing is certain: learning and interaction with students will never be the same.
It also means that technology and materials will play an even greater role in student learning, and it is time to look at prepare for the new life.

Schools and universities

Whether you're planning to conduct digital attendance monitoring or deliver messages and updates to students (and beyond), Maclock's solutions are perfect.

The brand offers secure mounts for iPads and tablets that allow full tilt to adjust the viewing angle. Maclock's tablet mounts integrate seamlessly with digital and distance learning. Contact us to arrange a 'matchmaking' session where we will suggest the tablet mounts that best suit your needs!

Tablet stands in the classroom

If you are teaching in front of the class or sharing a live online lesson, you need to have the right equipment to ensure easy and flexible digital interaction with your students. A Maclocks tablet stand with handle makes it easy and takes your teaching technique to the next level!

Tablets are for learning at home

Whether your students have been learning at home for some time, are already used to it or it's a completely new learning environment for them, one thing is certain: you will need new equipment. The same goes for college or university students, who also need to find practical solutions that do not interfere with their learning, but are appropriate and safe for their studies.

Compulocks' experience in developing high-quality security solutions means that any student can keep their iPad, tablet or other device, regardless of brand or type, safe and secure anytime, anywhere.

In-store tablets stands for secure sales and satisfied customers

Maclocks' range of exclusive, bespoke anti-theft solutions help stores meet all their customers' needs - and more!

Tablet cases with handle

The Maclocks tablet case with handle and strap allows staff on site or even those working in the warehouse to easily and accessibly handle, process and transfer much more information.

The ergonomically designed handle is designed for comfortable handling and use and comes in a holder with an adjustable strap and 360-degree rotation of the sleeve. It can also be quickly and securely attached when it needs to be loaded or passed on to other team members.

Maclocks HoverTab Universal Tablet Stand Silver

This tablet stand is suitable for placing your tablet or smartphone in a very practical way. Whether it's for a presentation at a meeting or in the reception area of a hotel, a tablet can often come in handy. With this stand, your tablet remains fully functional and is protected from theft at the same time. This stand is a good investment for your business!

Maclocks Cable Lock Wedge Lock

This lock consists of 2 parts: Industrial adhesive badge with integrated wedge lock slot and wedge cable lock. The lock can be easily attached to your tablet or laptop and offers you optimal protection against theft. The cable can be attached to almost anything and the adhesive badge will last for years once it has been applied once. This lock therefore offers lasting protection for your tablet or laptop.