Instead of just LED lights or a cluster of LED lights, Nanoleaf products are smart lights in the form of panels that are easy to use and easy to hang on the wall. The panels transform the smart lights into a personalized space or even a work of art. With over 16 million color options, it's a fun way to create unique designs while adding a new light source to any space in your home, cafe, bar, restaurant or hotel. Want to know more about Nanoleaf? Then read our blog!

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How to attach Nanoleaf

The Nanoleaf LED lights are easy to install by clicking them together and then attaching them to the wall. The panels can be connected together in any order to create their own circuit. The circuit can then be powered by connecting it to the mains.

Before you attach the LED lights to the wall, we recommend creating several layouts. Laying the layouts on a flat surface such as a table will give you an idea of how your design will look on the wall. In addition, you can look at how best to hide the power cables and test that everything works. Once you are sure of your design, you can easily attach the panels to any type of wall. The panels are lightweight so they will stay in place on a plain background with the included 3M tape.

Looking for a more permanent mount? Then use the Screw Mount Kit. This is ideal for mounting on uneven surfaces of plaster, concrete, stone or wood.

How can you use the Nanoleaf expansion pack?

The Nanoleaf Expansion pack is ideal for modifying or expanding your existing design. Just like the starter pack, the expansion pack comes in different forms. So you can expand your design with the Canvas, Hexagon, Triangle, Lines or Wood look set. In addition to the 3, 4 or 10 extra modular light panels, the expansion pack also contains connectors, double-sided adhesive strips and a manual. Use the expansion pack to create the ideal atmosphere in your room.

What are flex linkers and how can they be used?

To create the ultimate design, there are several mounting accessories available. For example, the Canvas flex linkers are designed to connect the Nanoleaf LED panels together in a flexible way. This linking kit allows the panels to be connected in any order. The flex linkers can be bent up to 180 degrees so it is even possible to create a design with an angle. The linkers are very easy to click together.