The brand Nomad stands for being resourceful and looking for adventure. They have a clear vision in mind: to create minimalistic, but very practical products. In our assortment, we have cases and Apple Watch straps, which are right in line with the brand's vision. The lightest, thinnest and strongest materials have been used in developing the products.

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Nomad Airpod Leather Case bruin

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Nomad Airpod Leather Case beige

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Nomad cases

The cases of Nomad are made of high quality leather from the USA. This gives the Nomad products a stylish design and the products also feel comfortable. This strong leather, combined with a strong bumper, ensures that the cases are well protected against potential dangers that may occur in everyday life. The devices can be charged wirelessly despite the presence of the cases. The unique thing about the leather cases is that over time a beautiful patina develops, giving your case a different look. With the Wallet and Folio cases it is also possible to store some cards and money in your case: so these are also multifunctional.

Nomad Apple watch bands

The Nomad straps have a lot in common with the cases of the brand: it is made of the same leather and over time a beautiful patina is formed. To prevent scratches and stains, Nomad has used a special PVD treatment to ensure that scratches and stains cannot easily occur, which would affect the straps. The range consists of modern and traditional straps, except for a slightly different colour, the main difference is that traditional straps are covered with a leather backing held together by a linen thread.