Paperlike 2.1 screenprotector iPad Mini 6 (2021)


Improve your drawing and writing skills on your iPad with the Paperlike screen protector for iPad Mini 6 (2021). Paperlike is the screen protector designed for professionals and artists who want the precision of paper in a paperless environment.

- Protects your screen
- Feels like real paper
- Matte finish

Devices Apple iPad Mini 6 (2021)

Paperlike 2.1 screenprotector iPad Mini 6 (2021)

The Paperlike offers much more friction when using the Apple Pencil, giving you much more control over drawing lines the way you want. It even sounds like writing on paper! But more important is the resistance when writing. This gives you more control over your writing and drawing movements.

Writing and drawing with the Apple Pencil thanks to Nanodots

Other screen protectors destroy the tip of your Apple Pencil in no time. With its optimized Nanodots, Paperlike gives you maximum paper feel and minimal tip consumption. Every Paperlike has a little magic worked into the surface by default with the Nanodots technology. These microbeads are distributed throughout the screen protector and lightly vibrate your Apple Pencil so it feels like you're writing on paper. They are specially designed so that screen light shines around and through them to minimize refractions. So unlike other screen protectors, Paperlike will never spoil your view.

Product SKU PL2A-08-21
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Devices Apple iPad Mini 6 (2021)
Brand Paperlike
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