Prêt à Pousser Lilo Premium (incl. 3 pots)

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Create your own winter garden in your kitchen! With the Pret a Pousser Lilo Premium, you can plant and harvest your own herbs from the comfort of your own home! The integrated LED lighting always provides the plants with precisely the right conditions, so you no longer have to worry about the correct amount of sunlight. You can easily control the lighting yourself via the app and also learn useful tips for plant growth. Includes plant capsules!

- Optimal water and oxygen supply for the plant roots
- Integrated LED lighting
- Dimensions (H x W x D): 47 cm x 30.5 cm x 13.5 cm
- App compatibility: iOS 11.0 and above, Android 7.0 and above

Free Shipping

Prêt à Pousser Lilo Premium (incl. 3 pots)

Indoor garden for all seasons

Even if you don't have green fingers, this indoor garden might be just what you need. The Prêt à Pousser indoor garden makes gardening easier than ever. Thanks to the special LED lighting, your plants always get the light they need, whether it's stormy or even snowy outside. And the best part? It happens completely automatically! Thanks to the Lilo hydroponic system, optimal growth conditions are provided fully automatically. The production of high-quality beech wood from sustainable forestry and aluminum with gold-colored alloy for the lighting makes the flower pots a real eye-catcher!

Little effort, great success

The included plant capsules contain the seeds and nutrient-rich potting soil. These are then placed in the water-filled pots, after which the plant forms its roots in the water and is thus supplied with sufficient oxygen. The integrated LED lamp regulates the lighting cycle and ensures fully automatic optimal light conditions for plant growth.

Fresh herbs from your own kitchen

Thanks to its elegant, simple design, the Lilo fits perfectly in any kitchen. This is particularly advantageous because the hydroponic system is particularly suitable for growing herbs. For example, you can switch between the spring mode (12 hours of light) and the summer mode (16 hours). Although there is actually nothing that can go wrong with the Lilo, it is made even easier for you to get started because the package already includes 5 plant capsules, which consist of: Green dwarf basil, red mini peppers, red mini chili peppers, marigolds, and burnet. These can be harvested/in bloom in just four to six weeks!

Intelligent herb garden

What makes Lilo Premium so special is that it can be controlled directly from your smartphone. The hydroponic system creates the perfect growth conditions for your plants, and through the app, you can not only change and adjust the light levels but also read useful advice. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Indoor garden for self-harvesting

After a few weeks, the aromatic basil, delicious mini peppers and chili peppers can be harvested, or the beautiful marigolds and burnet can be admired. The plant capsules are made of plant-based plastic and are biodegradable.

Included in the delivery:

- 5 plant capsules with organic seeds, potting soil with all necessary nutrients.
- Integrated LED lighting for optimal light conditions for plant growth
- Lilo with dimensions (H x W x D): 47 cm x 30.5 cm x 13.5 cm
- 3 pots: each with a capacity of 750 ml
- Charger and charging cable (2 meters)
- Stand and 3 pots

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Brand Prét a Pousser
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