Ranqer Armrest Performance left black

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The Ranqer Armrest Performance left can be adjusted in 4 different ways (4D).

- 4D
- For the Ranqer model: Performance


Ranqer Armrest Performance left

The 4D gaming chair armrest is a type of armrest specially designed for use in gaming chairs. These armrests are often adjustable in several directions, including forward and backward, inward and outward, and in height. These extra features can help to increase comfort during gaming.

How do you replace your armrest?

  1. Make sure the seat is in the correct position. 
  2. Remove the screws holding the armrest to the seat. This may vary depending on the make and model of the chair.
  3. Gently pull the old armrest off the chair.
  4. Compare the new armrest with the old one to make sure it fits.
  5. Make sure the armrest is attached to the left side of the chair, the left side when sitting on the chair.
  6. Secure the new armrest to the seat by re-attaching the screws.
  7. Check that the armrest is secure and functioning properly before returning to the chair.

4D Armrest

The Ranqer Armrest for the Performance can be moved in 4 dimensions. This armrest can therefore be moved in height, sideways movement, from front to back and from inside to outside. This allows the armrest to adjust exactly the way you like it and it offers good support while typing and moving your mouse. This armrest is also suitable for the Halo and Felix Ranqer models.

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EAN 8720598690521
Brand RMA
Color Black