RGB Remote controller for gaming chair


The RGB Remote controller for Fourze / Gear4U / Nordic Gaming / Ranqer allows you to control RGB LED strips remotely and create the atmosphere with colors and patrons you want.

- 21 buttons
- 5 meter operation distance
- Different dynamic programs


RGB Remote controller for Fourze / Gear4U / Nordic Gaming / Ranqer

This Ranqer RGB Remote remote with 21 buttons allows you to select as many as 12 fixed colors for your RGB LED Strips and also has a number of dynamic programs such as fade, flash and jump. This remote allows you to adjust the LED Strips in many ways to create the perfect atmosphere for that moment.

The effects and possibilities you can achieve with the IR (Infra-red) RGB remote are a sight to behold at any party or other occasion. It is very easy to operate and everything is set in no time. With the IR remote control you can operate the RGB LED strip up to a distance of about 5 meters (without obstacles). Useful for the LED strips you have installed within your home.

*Note: Without Connector to LED Power Adapter and LED strip connector*

Product SKU 8720153792615
EAN 8720153792615
Brand RMA
Color Black