SBS Bluetooth DJ Stereo Headphone black

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The SBS Bluetooth DJ Stereo Headphone is a true bang-for-your-buck. With its excellent sound quality and comfortable ear pads, this headphone enables you to listen to your music and audio in high quality. Due to the integrated microphone and the easily accessible "pick up" button, you can have phone calls whilst using the headphone. The metallic exterior provides the headphone with a high-end look. 

- Bluetooth V3.0 Headphone
- No more cables hanging around while using
- Charging cable included
- Answer / hang phone button
- Connection up to 10 meters distance


SBS Bluetooth DJ Stereo Headphone black

The SBS Bluetooth DJ Stereo Headphone is a headphone that does its job excellently. Due to its ability to connect to your device via Bluetooth, you get rid of the usage of a cable, which gives you plenty of room for moving around. Besides, it lets you listen to your favorite songs or phone calls in a high quality. This is where a Bluetooth headphone has an edge over Bluetooth ear buds, which usually do not provide you with a sound that really surrounds you like a headphone does. The ability to move around within a 10 meter circumference makes this an ideal accesory for your DJ gigs, phone dials, workouts, house chores or other activities.

EAN 8018417231902
Brand SBS Mobile
Color Black